What does 95w mean in tire size?

What does 95w mean in tire size?

While a Z-speed rating still often appears in the tire size designation of these tires, such as 225/50ZR16 91W, the Z in the size signifies a maximum speed capability in excess of 149 mph, 240 km/h; the W in the service description indicates the tire’s 168 mph, 270 km/h maximum speed.

What does the 95v mean on a tire?

V – Speed ratings are represented by letters ranging from A to Z. Each letter coincides to the maximum speed a tire can sustain under its recommended load capacity. For instance, V is equivalent to a maximum speed of 149 mph.

What is the difference between 95h and 95v?

Identification. H-rated tires are rated for a maximum speed of 130 mph. The V rating is the next rating faster, and V-rated tires are good to 149 mph. Both H- and V-rated tires are considered to be performance-touring tires.

What does 95w XL mean on a tire?

This means there needs to be different types of tyres, as the tyres used for a large vehicle, an SUV or a fully loaded transporter have to take more weight than those of a normal car. XL tyres have been especially developed for use with heavy loads. Generally speaking, the tyre name XL is used for heavy duty tyres.

What is the difference between 95H and 95v?

What does 215 60r16 95v mean?

215 The section width (in mm), which is the distance between the tyre’s exterior sidewalls when the tyre is fitted to the recommended rim, inflated to the recommended pressure, and not under load. 60. The percentage, which describes the tyre’s profile or aspect ratio. It’s the ratio.

What does 95w/95y mean on tires?

As I’m told 95W/95Y is the speed index of tires, I want to know is, can I use tires with index 95W for my CLA45 (because most of the tires sold in Vietnam are only 95W and cost only half the price of dealer provided tires), and does it affect the car performance.

What is the difference between H and V tires?

A V rating indicates the tire is approved for speeds up to 149 mph (240 km/h) under optimal conditions. H and V tires often go hand in hand. While the V rating technically allows for a higher maximum speed, practically speaking, this a distinction without much of a difference (in light of U.S. speed limits).

How fast can you Drive on a V rated tire?

Here, the tire would have a speed rating of V. V-rated tires can be driven at 149 MPH. Tires having a maximum speed capability over 149 MPH may have “ZR” in the size designation. Tires with a maximum speed capability over 186 MPH are required to include “ZR” in the designation.

What is the load rating for a 95 and a 45?

Thanks! 95 is like 1500lb load rating per tire. W is 168mph roll rate limit Y is 186mph. For the 45 you should consider higher rating tires like the Michelin PSS or similar. Did you find the recommended reading relevant to this discussion?