What does a police station representative do?

What does a police station representative do?

Police Station Representative or Police Station Reps) is a Legal representative instructed by a Criminal Solicitors Practice to assist that firms client when they are interviewed by the police on suspicion of committing a criminal offence.

Can any solicitor attend a police station?

Solicitors are obliged to attend the Police station within 45 minutes. In some cases, it has been heard that people are even told they do not need a Solicitor. Under no circumstances should you decide not have a Solicitor present during a Police Station interview, even if you believe you have nothing to hide.

How do I become a police station rep?


  1. Find a Supervising Solicitor.
  2. Register with an Assessment Organisation.
  3. Complete part A of the Portfolio and pass the written exam.
  4. Apply to the Police Station Reps Service (PSRS) to become a Probationary Representative and get your unique PIN number.
  5. Go to work as a Probationary Rep for 12 months.

What does it mean to be police station accredited?

The Police Station Representatives Accreditation Scheme (PSRAS) is the means through which any individual, including those with no previous legal knowledge or background, can train to provide advice and assistance at the police station for which payment is claimed from the Legal Aid Agency (LAA).

Can a barrister attend police station?

10. Barristers who do not meet these criteria may not be Duty Solicitors but can still be instructed to attend and represent a client at a police station providing they are properly instructed either by a solicitor or through Public Access (if self-employed) and have completed the PSQ.

Do duty solicitors work for the police?

A Duty Solicitor is a Criminal Defence Solicitor who helps offenders if they are suspected or accused of committing a crime. They are qualified to work for a firm, or independently on a self-employed basis, but are neither a member of the police force nor employed by the courts.

Can the police interview you without a solicitor?

Being questioned without legal advice Once you’ve asked for legal advice, the police can’t question you until you’ve got it – with some exceptions. The police can make you wait for legal advice in serious cases, but only if a senior officer agrees.

How do you become a criminal solicitor?

To join the duty solicitor scheme, solicitors must apply for membership of the Law Society’s Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme (CLAS); Only those who have completed the Police Station Representatives Accreditation Scheme (PSRAS) or the Police Station Qualification (PSQ) and the Magistrates Court Qualification ( …

Do I have to attend a police interview UK?

You do not have to attend and you can leave at any time once the interview has begun. You have the right to a solicitor during an interview under caution and, once you have requested a solicitor, the police officers are not allowed to ask you any questions until your solicitor has arrived.

What happens if you refuse a voluntary police interview?

The right to refuse a voluntary police interview You can refuse to partake as it’s a ‘voluntary’ interview, however, a refusal to attend could prompt the police to arrest you, where you will need to give a “standard interview” in custody.

Can you refuse a police interview UK?

You can refuse to partake as it’s a ‘voluntary’ interview, however, a refusal to attend could prompt the police to arrest you, where you will need to give a “standard interview” in custody. It’s important to note that you are entitled to independent legal advice whether you are giving a standard or voluntary interview.

Is the Bristol Police Department an accredited agency?

The Bristol Police Department is proud to be a Nationally and State Accredited Law Enforcement Agency. For more information, please contact the Accreditation Office at 401-253-7000 Option 6.

What is Bristol police doing to promote agency and officer integrity?

The Bristol Police Department is committed to taking a proactive role in promoting agency and officer integrity; by assessing our police-citizen interactions and relationships and taking steps to maintain a transparent agency. Discover the latest Bristol Police news.

What Community Services does the Bristol Police Department provide?

The Bristol Police Department provides constituents with a variety of community services to assist business owners, residents, and vehicle operators. Learn more by clicking the button below. Are you or someone you know struggling with addiction?

How can I report a non-emergency in Bristol?

To better reach the community we serve, the Bristol Police Department has implemented an online reporting system designed to provide a convenient alternative for citizens to report non-emergency situations. The Bristol Police Department recently has assigned a detective to re-open investigations on cold cases.