What does an altar server wear?

What does an altar server wear?

Acolytes, readers and other lay ministers (such as altar servers) may wear either an alb or other appropriate attire as determined by the local episcopal conference. Servers often wear cassock and surplice, with black and red being the most common colors for a server’s cassock.

What are altar boy vestments called?

Similar to those in the Anglican tradition, acolytes in these traditions wear robes called albs, sometimes with a cincture.

Who wears blue cassocks?

The cassock or soutane is a Christian clerical clothing coat used by the clergy of the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church, in addition to certain Protestant denominations such as Anglicans and Lutherans. “Ankle-length garment” is the literal meaning of the corresponding Latin term, vestis talaris.

What is a cassock and surplice?

Lutheranism. Traditionally, the surplice is used for non-sacramental services, worn over the cassock, such as morning prayer, Vespers, and Compline without Eucharist. The surplice is traditionally full-length in the arm and hangs at least down to the knee.

Do Protestant churches have altar boys?

Yes, but not in all Anglican churches. Those that are have more elaborate services tend to use them.

What is the job of an altar boy?

In the Roman Catholic church, an altar boy is a boy who helps the priest during Mass.

What vestments do Altar Boys wear?

Catholic boys serving as altar boys or “Acolytes” wear eclesiastical vestments. This is most common for Roman Catholic boys, although boys in the Orthodox Church and even some protesant demoninations may also wear these vestments.

Can celebrants and altar servers wear coordinates?

Now celebrants and altar servers can wear coordinating albs.Beau Veste has been making quality clerical apparel here in the U.S. since 1940. It is a company that prides itself in tradition of quality, service and value.

What kind of fabric do you use for altar servers?

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What is the order to prepare the altar for mass?

*** If only one Altar Server is serving the Mass, the order of tasks to prepare the altar is: Roman Missal and Stand, Chalice, Ciboria, Communion Cups. PREPARATION OF THE GIFTS (continued) PRESENTING THE GIFTS – 2 SERVERS