What does clutter mean?

What does clutter mean?

transitive verb. : to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness a room cluttered with toys —often used with up Too many signs were cluttering up the street corner. clutter. noun.

What happens if you find all dead claptrap?

Reward for all Dead Claptraps A unique legendary pistol called “Baby Maker++”! Go to Pause Menu — Social — Mail to retrieve it after all 35 Dead Claptraps have been found. Additionally, each one you find also gives you 10 Eridium, some XP and money (you can see this when scrolling over the claptrap icon on the map).

What is an act of futility?

1 : the quality or state of being futile : uselessness His speech focused on the futility of violence. 2 : a useless act or gesture the futilities of debate for its own sake— W. A. White.

What do you mean by chatter?

intransitive verb. 1 : to utter rapid short sounds suggestive of language but inarticulate and indistinct squirrels chattered angrily. 2 : to talk idly, incessantly, or fast. 3a : to click repeatedly or uncontrollably teeth chattering with cold.

Does claptrap need oxygen?

Claptrap doesn’t need oxygen so he can use his 0z a lot more than others without fear of suffocating. He does take a deep breath before going out into space because he is imitating the other vault hunters.

Is hogwash a bad word?

However, hogwash is not a term that concerns washing a hog, it is actually another word for nonsense, something that is not true or something that does not make sense. The word hogwash is usually considered informal or slang vocabulary, and is not used in literary writing.

What is the sentence of clatter?

1 Don’t clatter your knives and forks. 2 Don’t clatter the dishes – you’ll wake the baby up. 3 The wheels of the cart made a terrible clatter on the cobblestones. 4 The sounds of cooking and the clatter of dishes came from the kitchen.

Who’s the best character to play as in Borderlands 3?

1. Amara The Siren. Amara’s elemental-focused abilities are extremely powerful for both new and expert players. Her action skills, like Phasegrasp in particular, can be instrumental in giving you an advantage over your enemies.

Is FragTrap the same claptrap?

“FragTrap” is the class that the original Claptrap is classified as, just as Roland is the “Soldier”, Brick is the “Beserker”, Maya and Lilith are the “Sirens”, Zero is the “Assassin” and so on. “Fragtrap” is the Claptrap that we know and love from both Borderlands games.

Is Athena a siren?

Athena has a elemental tree that focuses on shock and fire damage. And Athena is a greek name, like Siren.

Does claptrap die?

Everyone’s favorite fast-talking robot mascot is back in a new installment of the series, and even though he dies pretty early on, he just won’t stop talking! …

Why is claptrap hated?

Claptrap was designed to be annoying to other npcs but not to annoying to the player because that would lead to a bad game experience. On top of that Claptrap has the bad habit of calling somebody he travels with his minion. Which does not give him friends either.

Is Borderlands pre-sequel a full game?

Borderlands is a franchise built on fan love. The genre-bending shooter/RPG hybrid cemented itself as something special after 2012’s Borderlands 2, with a long stream of additional downloadable content and new characters to satisfy players.

Is claptrap a vault hunter?

Claptrap, Athena and Timothy Lawrence are the only Vault Hunters from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel that are currently alive.

Can you beat Borderlands 3 solo?

I’ve played all the games solo. Yes they’re still pretty fun. If you enjoy the game, there’s lots more fun in the DLC. By the way I played as a Siren.

Can you play as claptrap?

You cannot play as Claptrap in Borderlands 3. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t look like that’s in the plans. Not only does the game already contain its four main Vault Hunters, but Claptrap appears to have taken more of a side role than he has even in previous games, with bigger characters outshining him quite a bit.

Who is the best character in Borderlands The Pre Sequel?

Personally I would pick Claptrap or Athena because Athena is a melee like borderlands 2 Zero. Claptrap is very mysterious and fun to play with but he is good in spilt screen or co-op. Go with the first skill tree if your playing solo.

What does reluctantly mean?

: feeling or showing aversion, hesitation, or unwillingness reluctant to get involved also : having or assuming a specified role unwillingly a reluctant hero.

What happens if you play as claptrap?

Claptrap will put together a bomb that will explode after a few seconds, hitting everyone in the vicinity with a massive amount of damage. If no one is hit, however, Claptrap will enter into a Fight For Your Life period, and have to shoot someone to recover.

What does claptrap mean?

showy, cheap talk

What is codswallop?

British, informal. : words or ideas that are foolish or untrue : nonsense The notion that Scott was waylaid by bad luck is “a lot of codswallop,” said Roland Huntford, a British historian.—

What does hogwash mean?

1 : swill sense 2a, slop. 2 : nonsense, balderdash.

Is Handsome Jack in Borderlands 3?

He reappears in the Borderlands 3 DLC Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, where it is revealed that he has been imprisoned on The Handsome Jackpot for seven years following Handsome Jack’s death.

How old is Moze?


What gender is claptrap?

Claptrap is a fictional character that appears in the Gearbox Software video game series Borderlands….

Gender Male

Who is the most fun character in Borderlands 3?

Which character is the most fun to play as in Borderlands 3?

  • Amara – Siren. Votes: 41 28.3%
  • Zane – Operative. Votes: 28 19.3%
  • Moze – Gunner. Votes: 28 19.3%
  • FL4K – Beastmaster. Votes: 48 33.1%