What does Notice of striking off action suspended mean?

What does Notice of striking off action suspended mean?

This is typically because you have outstanding creditors who stand to lose the money your company owes them should your company be struck off and removed from the register. If Companies House holds up their objection then your application for strike off will be suspended, and your company will remain active.

What happens when a company status is strike off?

When a company is struck off, the name would be removed from the company register and it can not trade, sell its assets or make payments or even it can not get involved in any other business activities.

Can you find out who has objected to strike off?

The first step in how to find out who objected to the strike off is simple. You can contact Companies House directly and they will be able to tell you the nature of the objection and who made it. This is important because only then can you clear the specific impediment to your strike off being accepted.

What does strike off mean on Companies House?

A company strike off is the process when a business is removed from the Companies House register and it ceases to exist. This will usually be when they have no more reason to run the company⁠—for example, if they want to retire, or they want to end one company to focus on other projects.

Why would someone object to a company being struck off?

you think the declarations on the company’s application are false. the directors have broken the law, for example tax fraud. you want to take legal action against the company.

What happens to director of company is struck off?

Striking off allows the directors to retain full control of the business throughout the process and, although creditors must be repaid before the closure, there is no requirement to hold a formal creditors’ meeting.

How long can compulsory strike off action be suspended for?

2 months
Companies House will suspend the strike off whilst they investigate – during this time, you have 2 months to appeal the strike off and apply for it to be discontinued.

How long can a compulsory strike off be suspended?

How do you oppose a strike off a company?

There are two key steps to preventing a compulsory strike off from going ahead: Reply to Companies House without delay, clarifying that the company is still active and trading. Also, make sure that they are aware of steps being taken to rectify any failure to submit the confirmation statement and/or annual accounts.

Can HMRC investigate a closed company?

Can HMRC Investigate DIssolved Companies? The answer is yes. Even if you manage to successfully strike off a company with tax debts, HMRC will still be able to take action against the dissolved company to recover the money it is owed.

Why has my strike off action been suspended?

We may have suspended strike off action because we’ve received an objection to your application for strike off. Or this could be due to our temporary measures to suspend voluntary strike off action during the coronavirus outbreak.

What happens after a strike off notice is issued?

Depending on what prompted the strike off notice in the first place, you may be required to file missing accounts or confirmation statements to bring your account up to date. If your application to suspend the strike off application is successful, your company will remain active and continue to trade as usual.

When will Companies House’s Voluntary Strike off process be lifted?

On 10 July 2020 Companies House announced that this suspension will be lifted from 10 September 2020. This will impact companies which applied to be voluntarily struck off before the process was suspended. Applications received from 10 July 2020 onwards will proceed in the usual way.

What to do if my strike off application has been suspended?

If your strike off application has been suspended due to an outstanding debt then you could settle it then submit the application again. This removes the reason for the objection so there should now be nothing stopping it from proceeding.