What does Philosophy perfume smell like?

What does Philosophy perfume smell like?

Philosophy’s bestselling, amazingly clean, and beautifully feminine scent features notes of welcoming bergamot to greet the senses, irresistibly soft, clean muguet blossoms, and lasting musk with its classic beauty.

What are the scents of Philosophy?

Philosophy The Fragrance was launched in 2006. It is made of notes of leafy greens, lemon, ginger, jasmine, blue hyacinth, amber, sandalwood, and white musk. Available as a 50 ml Eau de Parfum.

What is the most popular Philosophy fragrance?

Philosophy Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette
The #1 Perfume In the U.S. Sells a Bottle Every Minute Case in point: Philosophy Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette ($36)—or, as it’s better known in the beauty industry, the #1 selling perfume in the U.S. Since its release in 1996, Amazing Grace has wowed shoppers across the world with its delicate musky-floral blend.

Does Philosophy have fragrance?

explore our perfume fragrance lines full of light scents that delight the senses.

What does bergamot smell like?

Known as the “prince of citrus,” bergamot is a sunny and pleasant citrus scent featured in many perfumes as well as luxury candles. It’s aroma is refreshing and rounded; sweet, but complex and deep at the same time; similar to lime, but with floral, herbal, and resinous undertones.

Does Philosophy smell good?

So it’s no mistake that the scent’s philosophy is “nothing smells better than soap-and-water clean.” However, anyone who’s familiar with the brand knows that this particular scent isn’t exactly new — in fact it’s become a staple for the company.

What is the original Philosophy fragrance?

amazing grace
philosophy’s first fragrance, amazing grace, also made its debut that year followed by its second fragrance, pure grace. In 1997, philosophy launched their in-home peel product—a new concept for retail cosmetics at the time.

What does ylang ylang smell like?

What does ylang ylang smell like? Exotic, deep and floral, the extract has top notes of jasmine and neroli, a fruity facet reminiscent of banana, paired with creamy custard and tangy rubber.

Why is bergamot in so many perfumes?

Bergamot smells like other citrus fruits in that it has a sunny, sweet aroma with notes of tartness and acidity. Bergamot is widely used in perfumery because of its complementary nature to other scents like rosemary, sandalwood, jasmine and vetiver.

Is philosophy Made in USA?

Philosophy is a USA brand owned by multinational beauty company Coty Inc. Their products are also manufactured in the USA. Their ingredients are sourced globally.

Is philosophy a good beauty brand?

Philosophy is known for its multitasking skincare products with feel-good scents. As a well-being beauty brand that strives to inspire women to look, live, and feel their best, Philosophy is working to bridge the gap between the best possible skincare and accessibility to all.