What does Saliant mean?

What does Saliant mean?

1 : moving by leaps or springs : jumping. 2 : jetting upward a salient fountain. 3a : projecting beyond a line, surface, or level. b : standing out conspicuously : prominent especially : of notable significance similar to … Prohibition, but there are a couple of salient differences — Tony Gibbs.

How do you use the word salient?

Salient in a Sentence 🔉

  1. When I look at the house for sale, salient defects such as the broken windows stare back at me.
  2. The salient feature on Johnny’s face is his huge nose.
  3. As Janet debated which car to buy, she realized price was the most salient factor in her decision.

Is markable a word?

Capable of being marked.

What is the meaning of the word sentries?

See synonyms for: sentry / sentries on Thesaurus.com. noun, plural sen·tries. a soldier stationed at a place to stand guard and prevent the passage of unauthorized persons, watch for fires, etc., especially a sentinel stationed at a pass, gate, opening in a defense work, or the like.

What are salient details?

The salient facts about something or qualities of something are the most important things about them: She began to summarize the salient features/points of the proposal. The article presented the salient facts of the dispute clearly and concisely. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Very important or urgent.

How do you spell markable?

adjective Capable of being marked .

What does marked improvement mean?

/mɑːrkt/ uk. /mɑːkt/ A marked change or difference in behavior or in a situation is very obvious or noticeable: There was a marked improvement in my health when I gave up smoking.

What is the best definition of conspicuousness?

Define conspicuousness. conspicuousness synonyms, conspicuousness pronunciation, conspicuousness translation, English dictionary definition of conspicuousness. adj. 1. Easy to notice; obvious: a conspicuous flaw in the construction. 2. Attracting attention, as by being unusual or remarkable; noticeable.

What is the plural of analysis?

In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be analysis . However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be analyses e.g. in reference to various types of analyses or a collection of analyses. Find more words! The program presents a critical analysis of the government’s strategies.

How do you use conspicuous absence in a sentence?

The President was conspicuous by his absence at the peace talks. [=his absence was very noticeable; people had expected him to be there and noticed that he wasn’t] Hide 1 : obvious to the eye or mind conspicuous changes The bird has a conspicuous red head.

What is an example of a conspicuous species?

Examples of conspicuous in a Sentence Conspicuous species of large organisms with small populations are vulnerable—and several fishes and marine mammals, including Steller’s sea cow, have succumbed. — Stephen Jay Gould, Natural History, June 1991 Its most conspicuous feature was knee breeches, which showed off his well-turned legs and feet.