What does U9 mean in soccer?

What does U9 mean in soccer?

2021 – 2022 Season

Playing Age Birth Year
U12 2010
U11 2011
U10 2012
U9 2013

What US state is soccer most popular?

In the end, Washington State came out on top for love of soccer, while Alabama was first for utter general disdain of the sport. Soccer enthusiasm tends to follow the typical blue state/red state divide, with the exception of Texas, which readily embraces the sport.

What is U17 in sports?

FIFA U-17 World Cup, football (soccer) championship for boys under 17 years. FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup, football (soccer) championship for girls under 17 years.

What age is U19 soccer?

2021 – 2022 Season

Playing Age Birth Year
U19 2003
U18 2004
U17 2005
U16 2006

What is PSA recreational soccer?

PSA recreational soccer is based on your child’s grade to allow players the opportunity to play with friends! Teams registered in Plano will play games on the City of Plano fields.

What is the PSA competitive league?

The PSA Competitive League is the next step for when recreational soccer players feel they have developed their game and advanced their skills to take it to the next level! Teams 10U and under are eligible to play in PSA’s Competitive leagues.

Why join Pennsylvania Soccer Academy?

Combining resources will enhance the player development environment and provide players the opportunity to be trained and compete at the highest level. Pennsylvania Soccer Academy (PSA) was formed in 2008 to provide a regional teams (York, Lancaster and Harrisburg) for the best players in Central PA to come together.

How do I contact Plano Sports Authority (PSA)?

Email us at [email protected] Plano Sports Authority (PSA) offers the largest nonprofit youth soccer program in Texas with over 500 teams participating in our Soccer Leagues each season. We offer year-round soccer in Recreational, Competitive, and Club/Select levels (Texas Thunder).