What generation is a 2012 Honda CR-V?

What generation is a 2012 Honda CR-V?

Fourth generation
5 Generations of Honda CR-V Fourth generation: 2012-2016, with most notable redesigns in 2012. Third generation: 2007-2011, with redesigns in 2007. Second generation: 2002-2006, with redesigns in 2002.

What engine is in 2012 CRV?

2.4 L 4-cylinder2012 Honda CR-V / Engine

Is 2012 Honda CRV a good car?

The 2012 Honda CR-V is a good used SUV. It has some of the best fuel economy estimates in the compact SUV class, and it offers carlike handling and maneuverability. It should meet the daily needs of most buyers, but its four-cylinder engine can be sluggish. Many rivals offer stronger engine options.

Does 2012 Honda CRV have VTEC?

Improvements to the 2012 CR-V’s 185-horsepower, 2.4-liter, i-VTEC DOHC 4-cylinder engine contribute to more power (+5 horsepower) and enhanced torque delivery compared to the previous generation.

What problems does 2012 Honda CR-V have?

Top 2012 Honda CR-V Problems

  • Air Conditioning is Blowing Warm Air.
  • Groaning Noise on Turns Due to Differential Fluid Breakdown.
  • Harsh Shift From First to Second Gear in Automatic Transmission.
  • Wipers Won’t Park Due to Windshield Wiper Motor Failure.
  • Warped Front Brake Rotors May Cause Vibration When Braking.

How long will a 2012 Honda CR-V last?

You may find yourself wondering how many miles the CRV can handle and the answer may surprise you. The Honda CRV can run for well over 200,000 miles and, if maintained with a lot of tender love and care, it can keep chugging along even past 300,000 miles.

Does 2012 CRV have CVT transmission?

2012 Honda CR-V: Would It Be Better With A CVT? There’s nothing wrong really with the five-speed automatic transmission in our long-term 2012 Honda CR-V. But now I’ve experienced Honda’s continuously variable transmission as paired with a new, direct-injected 2.4-liter engine in the 2013 Accord, and it’s really good.

How long is 2012 Honda CRV?

178.3″2012 Honda CR-V / Length

How many horsepower does a 2012 Honda CRV have?

Through various adjustments to the engine tuning, the 2012 CR-V gains five extra horsepower, putting it at 185 horses and 163 pounds-feet of torque. Yet better aerodynamics increase the mileage substantially, to 23/31 mpg city/highway (up from 21/28 mpg).

What is the MPG of a Honda CR-V with AWD?

The new, lightweight electronically controlled system leads to a big mileage gain for AWD CR-Vs, putting it at 22/30 mpg, which tops the class. The comparable Equinox is rated 20/29 mpg, the Tucson gets 21/28 mpg and the Subaru Forester is rated 21/27 mpg with standard AWD.

Does the 2012 Honda CR-V have all-wheel drive?

For the 2012 CR-V, Honda is debuting an all-new all-wheel-drive system. It delivers up to 100 percent of the power to the front or rear wheels to offer better grip at low, takeoff speeds, when it senses slippage due to road conditions.

How much does a Honda CR-V cost?

The Subaru Forester, at 33.5 and 68.3 cubic feet, and the Chevy Equinox, at 31.5 and 63.7 cubic feet, respectively, are both smaller. Pricing for the new CR-V hadn’t been announced at the time of publication, but Honda says it will range between $21,000 and $30,000.