What happened in the birthmark?

What happened in the birthmark?

The narrator explains that the birthmark in question is a red mark in the shape of a tiny hand on Georgiana’s left cheek. The mark disappears when she blushes. Georgiana’s male admirers love the birthmark, and many would risk their lives just to kiss it.

Who is the antagonist in the birthmark?

In “The Birthmark” although it can be argued that the protagonist of the story is Georgiana or Aylmer, it is most likely that the protagonist is in fact Georgiana, and Aylmer is the antagonist of this story.

Why is aminadab considered to be a foil character in the birthmark?

As a representative of “man’s physical nature” and religion, Aminadab upholds more humanity and compassion for mankind than Aylmer. He accepts the natural faults among people, which cements him as a morally superior foil to Aylmer.

What is Georgiana’s birthmark shaped like in Hawthorne’s The Birthmark?

The predominant symbol in the story is Georgiana’s birthmark, which is a small red mark resembling a hand print in the middle of her cheek. The birthmark symbolizes human mortality and the imperfection of human nature. For Aylmer, Georgiana came “nearly perfect from the hand of Nature” (421).

How does the birthmark comment on the general obsession with beauty?

“The Birthmark” ultimately valorizes “natural” beauty, which might contain imperfections, over the “ideal” beauty created by art or science; explores the hubris of art and science in attempting to perfect what nature provides; and also reveals a fascination and discomfort with the power of women’s sexuality, which …

What does Aylmer’s name mean in the birthmark?

Aminadab symbolizes man’s earthly, physical half; Aylmer symbolizes man’s lofty, spiritual half. Our second tip-off is his name.

What does Aylmer realize after his wife’s death?

1. Aylmer had a dream that Georgiana’s birthmark went all the way to her heart and it had to be eliminated from her heart, which killed her. Georgiana hears him cry out during this dream saying, “It is in her heart now – we must have it out.”

What is the significance of the hand like shape in the birthmark?

The hand-shaped mark also represents the grip of mortality, a reminder that Georgiana, a human created by nature, will one day die. Aylmer’s anxiety around the birthmark shows his general anxiety at the idea of mortality, largely because death makes everyone equal.

Why was the birthmark written?

1. Hawthorne was inspired to write “The Birthmark” after his wife suffered a miscarriage.

Is the birthmark an allegory?

Hawthorne often uses allegory in his short stories to add a different perspective onto his many works. In his short story, “The Birthmark,” Hawthorne utilizes foreshadowing and symbolism to portray the allegorical lesson that striving for perfection results in troubling outcomes.