What happened with Joe Lopez?

What happened with Joe Lopez?

A concert featuring Joe Lopez was canceled on Tuesday by the venue after backlash from the community. The event scheduled for September at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth received multiple complaints after the Tejano concert was announced earlier this month.

How much does Joe Lopez weigh?

Joe Lopez, a 14-year-old featured in the film, weighs nearly 400 pounds.

Why did Joe leave Mazz?

First as a member of Grupo Mazz, then as a solo performer. But the Grammy-award winning singer’s career came to a halt in 2006 when he was convicted of raping his 13-year-old niece. Lopez was sentenced to 20 years in prison. After serving 12 years of that sentence, Lopez was released in March 2018.

How long was Joe Lopez locked?

Joe Lopez, the former lead singer for “Grupo Mazz,” was released from prison in March 2018, after serving almost 12 years of his 20-year prison sentence.

Where is Joe Lopez from Mazz?

Brownsville, Texas
Mazz is a Tejano band originally from Brownsville, Texas….Mazz.

Joe Lopez y Grupo Mazz Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz
Origin Brownsville, Texas, United States
Genres Tejano, Mexican cumbia
Years active 1978–2018

How old is Joe Lopez from the Grupo Mazz?

Lopez, 70, was convicted of charges including aggravated sexual assault of a child — his then 13-year-old niece — and sentenced to 32 years in prison more than a decade ago. Lopez was released on parole in March 2018 after serving almost 12 years of the sentence.

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What happened to Mazz?

Gonzalez was known for blending a variety of genres into his basic Tejano sound, a formula he continued to use up until his final release, Porque Todavía te Quiero (2018). Gonzalez was pronounced dead in San Antonio, Texas on June 6, 2018, after suffering from low blood sugar as a result of his diabetes.

How old is Joe Lopez Tejano singer?