What is a 201 file CIA?

What is a 201 file CIA?

A military personnel file (also called a 201 file in the United States Army) is a set of documents maintained by the US government for members of the United States armed forces. 201 files usually contain documents describing the member’s military and civilian education history.

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What is 201 file in the Philippines?

The 201 file is basically the employees’ profile in the organization’s records. The 201-File tracks a wide range of personnel information and provides sophisticated reports and its richly-presented variants from corporate, groups and down to the individual worker.

What should be in a 201 file?

The 201 Files should enclose the following documents:

  1. Appointment (Form 33)
  2. Assumption to Duty.
  3. Oath of Office.
  4. Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212/Updated as of December 2018)
  5. Position Description Form.
  6. Certificate of Eligibilities/licenses.
  7. Designation Orders, if applicable.
  8. Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth.

What is a 201 file?

The 201 file contains employee personal details and government identification numbers such as:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Address.
  • Contact information.
  • SSS number.
  • BIR number.
  • Tax identification number.
  • PhilHealth number.

Why is 201 file important?

One of the important role of 201 file management is the ability of the company to keep track of the employee records; provide post-employment information and employment certifications; and the ability to support or document defenses in legal cases filed by an employee at the Depart of Labor and Employment.