What is a 50/50 man?

What is a 50/50 man?

‘A 50/50 relationship is when you split the bills, date nights, holidays, living arrangements, everything. A man who provides means you can work if you want to but don’t have to, he knows how to hold it down.

What is another word for array?

What is another word for array?

group bunch
cluster passel
package bundle
crop agglomeration
boodle muster

What do you call a 50 year old?

A person between 50 and 59 is called a quinquagenarian. A person between 60 and 69 is called a sexagenarian. A person between 70 and 79 is called a septuagenarian. A person between 80 and 89 is called an octogenarian. A person between 90 and 99 is called a nonagenarian.

What does it mean when someone says 50 50?

50/50 (said as fifty fifty) is short form for saying that there is a 50% chance of something. For example, if you did a coin toss, there would be a 50/50 (fifty fifty) percent chance that heads would show up.

How do you write 50/50 in a sentence?

50-50 sentence example In a community-property state, all assets accumulated during the marriage are split 50-50 . The consignment shop will work with you to get a good price for the dress and split the profits – usually 50-50 or 60 – 40.

What is a list of items called?

inventory. noun. a list giving details of all the things in a place.

How do I write a testimonial?

  1. Determine what story you want to tell. You want your testimonials to tell a story about your product and business.
  2. Ask specific questions.
  3. Keep it short and conversational.
  4. Use the customer’s name and include pictures, if possible.
  5. Quote testimonial.
  6. Social testimonial.
  7. Influencer testimonial.

What is an example of testimonial evidence?

Testimonial evidence is a statement made under oath. An example would be a witness pointing to someone in the courtroom and saying, “That’s the guy I saw robbing the grocery store.” This is also called direct evidence or prima facie evidence. Physical evidence can be any object or material relevant in a crime.

What is an example of a testimonial?

A good testimonial is short Look at this example of a long, rambling testimonial… “I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great how easy your websites are to update and manage.

How do I write a testimonial for myself?

Here are five simple steps.

  1. Make sure what you write applies to what you actually did for your client.
  2. Build your testimonial around a unique aspect of your product or service that you really want to highlight in your marketing content.
  3. Keep your testimonial tight and concise.

What is another word for series?

What is another word for series?

sequence chain
succession cycle
procession progression
set string
train array

What is a testimonial in literature?

Testimonial literature has been defined by George Yudice as. an authentic narrative, told by a witness who is moved to narrate by the urgency. of a situation (e.g., war, oppression, revolution, etc.). Emphasizing popular. oral discourse, the witness portrays his or her own experience as a represen-

What are the examples of sentences in English?

What sentence example

  • What time is it? 532. 178.
  • What is an earthquake? 317. 159.
  • What time are we going to leave tomorrow? 270. 124.
  • What could he do about it but lose more sleep? 199. 106.
  • What was that supposed to mean? 151.
  • What in the world is this?
  • What did she eat today?
  • No one knows what the mother might do.

What qualifies a sentence?

A complete sentence must have, at minimum, three things: a subject, verb, and an object. The subject is typically a noun or a pronoun. And, if there’s a subject, there’s bound to be a verb because all verbs need a subject. Finally, the object of a sentence is the thing that’s being acted upon by the subject.

What does it mean to go 50 50?

go fifty-fifty To split something evenly between both parties. I promised the kids that I would go fifty-fifty with the last cookie.

What is another word for activity?

other words for activity

  • action.
  • enterprise.
  • exercise.
  • life.
  • movement.
  • exertion.
  • labor.
  • motion.

How do you write 50/50 as a ratio?

Senior Member. In mathematical notation, a ratio is usually shown by a colon (50:50), whereas 50/50 might suggest 50/50ths.

What is sentence and its types?

There are four types of English sentence, classified by their purpose: declarative sentence (statement) interrogative sentence (question) imperative sentence (command) exclamative sentence (exclamation)

What’s another word for testimonial?

Testimonial Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for testimonial?

attestation confirmation
evidence proof
testament testimony
voucher witness
corroboration documentation

How do you use testimonial in a sentence?

Testimonial in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Part of the job application required a testimonial from three previous employers.
  2. Edgar was so pleased with the product, he wrote a glowing testimonial on the company’s website.
  3. My glowing testimonial about the real estate agent convinced my sister to use her as well.

What is the another name of menu?

What is another word for menu?

card tariff
blackboard carte
cuisine food
spread bill of fare
set menu specials board