What is a synonym for chatter?

What is a synonym for chatter?

1’a stream of idle chatter’ SYNONYMS. chat, talk, gossip, chit-chat, chitter-chatter, patter, jabbering, jabber, prattling, prattle, babbling, babble, tittle-tattle, tattle, blathering, blather, blethering, blether, rambling, gibbering. conversation, dialogue, discourse.

What is the meaning of prattle?

1 : prate. 2 : to utter or make meaningless sounds suggestive of the chatter of children : babble. transitive verb. : to say in an unaffected or childish manner. prattle.

What does ruminate mean?

ponder, meditate, muse, ruminate mean to consider or examine attentively or deliberately.

What chatter means?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to utter rapid short sounds suggestive of language but inarticulate and indistinct squirrels chattered angrily. 2 : to talk idly, incessantly, or fast.

What ornate means?

1 : marked by elaborate rhetoric (see rhetoric sense 2b) or florid (see florid sense 1a) style is clear and simple rather than ornate and pompous — The Times Literary Supplement (London) 2 : elaborately or excessively decorated an ornate mantle an ornate townhouse ornate chandeliers.

How do you know if a guy thinks your beautiful?

How to tell if a guy thinks you’re attractive, pretty, cute – 19 Signs he is mesmerized by you.

  1. ① He hangs around you a lot and wants to hang out with you a lot.
  2. ② He can’t seem to take his eyes off you.
  3. ③ He’s always looking for an excuse to keep the conversation going.

What does sallied mean?

To rush out or leap forth

What does beautiful mean to a guy?

It’s an all-encompassing compliment. If a man calls you beautiful, it shows that he likes how you look and is in awe of your beauty. This can cover the majority of other compliments, too – beautiful is pretty all-encompassing and can also mean you’re pretty, sexy, and elegant.

Why do guys call me cute not beautiful?

Being called “cute” is a wonderful compliment to either a man or a woman. The word cute is typically used as a synonym to the words “very attractive”. Some people use “cute” instead of “beautiful” because the word cute has less of an emotional charge to it while conveying a similar idea.

What is the closest meaning of concede?

transitive verb. 1a(1) : to acknowledge grudgingly or hesitantly conceded that it might be a good idea. (2) : to relinquish grudgingly or hesitantly concede power. b : to accept as true, valid, or accurate The right of the state to tax is generally conceded.

What does orate mean?

intransitive verb. : to speak in an elevated and often pompous manner.

What is sermonize?

intransitive verb. 1 : to compose or deliver a sermon. 2 : to speak didactically or dogmatically.

What is a very beautiful woman?

1. “Beautiful is a woman who has a distinctive personality; one who can laugh at anything, including themselves, and one who is especially kind and caring to others. She is a woman who can inexplicably make you feel really good just by being around her, and yet brings such great sadness when she is gone.

What does Gorgeous mean to a guy?

Basically, if he calls somebody gorgeous it’s guaranteed that he finds them attractive physically. That does guarantee that he is romantically attracted to them, he may just like their looks. It might be that he just finds them good looking, it might be something more than that.

Does ornate mean fancy?

The difference between Fancy and Ornate. When used as adjectives, fancy means decorative, whereas ornate means elaborately ornamented, often to excess. Fancy is also noun with the meaning: the imagination. Fancy is also adverb with the meaning: in a fancy manner.

What do you call a guy when he calls you beautiful?

What To Say To Your Boyfriend When He Calls You Beautiful

  • You Are So Hot.
  • You Are The Most Handsome Guy I’ve Ever Known.
  • You Are So Kind.
  • You Are So Smart.
  • I Am So Lucky To Be Yours.
  • You Make Me Feel So Special.
  • You Are Sweeping Me Off My Feet.
  • Your Smile Makes Me Smile.

What’s another word for ornate?


Can beautiful be used for a man?

Talking about a beautiful human being we mean that this person is very attractive, very pleasant to look at. A beautiful man is a very handsome man, extremely handsome man, breathtakingly attractive man. Pretty is used to describe a feminine kind of beauty. Beautiful also can be used to describe masculine beauty.

What does chitter-chatter mean?

light and lively discussion

Is cute really a compliment?

It’s just a classification.. “Cute” is totally a compliment. Whenever I call my girl pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, or something like that, she just gives me a smile and starts looking somewhere else.