What is aicure?

What is aicure?

AiCure delivers a compliant, scalable AI platform to maximize the impact of data on clinical research and end-to-end operations, from pre-clinical to commercialization.

What is aicure patient connect™?

AiCure Patient Connect™ is a suite of HIPAA and GDPR-compliant tools built within a mobile application to improve patient engagement, improve the relationship between the site and the patient, and achieve a deeper understanding of individual and population-wide disease symptomology for improved health and trial outcomes.

Who is the CEO of aicure?

Edward F. Ikeguchi, M.D. is the Chief Executive Officer at AiCure. Prior to joining AiCure, he was previously a co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Medidata for nearly a decade, where he also served on their board of directors. Dr.

What types of trials does aicure support?

AiCure supports the entire spectrum of trials, from traditional site-based trials to site-less, decentralized or virtual trials.