What is Christmas virus?

What is Christmas virus?

Christmas Tree EXEC was the first widely disruptive computer worm, which paralyzed several international computer networks in December 1987. The virus ran on the IBM VM/CMS operating system.

What are some examples of computer viruses?

Some examples of widespread computer viruses include:

  • Morris Worm.
  • Nimda.
  • SQL Slammer.
  • Stuxnet.
  • CryptoLocker.
  • Conficker.
  • Tinba.

What are the sources of virus?

Common Sources of Viruses on a Computer

  • Unsecured Web Sources. The single most common source of viruses on computers is various unsecured locations on the internet.
  • Email Attachments.
  • Removable Storage Devices.

What does sleeper virus do?

Once it infects someone new, it mutates so rapidly that it can spawn a million genetically different strains in just a few months. This evolutionary onslaught overwhelms the host’s immune system, and creates big problems for any scientist trying to create a cure or a vaccine.

What are virus warning signs?

Common Computer Virus Symptoms

  • Unexpected Pop-Up Windows.
  • Your Computer is Running Slowly.
  • Unusual Hard Drive or SSD Access.
  • Missing Storage Space.
  • Files Going Missing.
  • Unusual Crashes or Error Messages.
  • Excessive Network or Internet Activity.
  • People Receive Strange Email from Your Address.

What causes coronavirus in humans?

Infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, or SARS-CoV-2, causes coronavirus disease 2019 ( COVID-19 ). The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads easily among people.

What is the meaning of Santa Claus?

San·​ta Claus | \\ˈsan-tə-ˌklȯz also ˈsan-tē- \\. : a plump, white-bearded, red-suited, and jolly old man in modern folklore who delivers presents to children at Christmastime.

Is Santa Claus coming to town?

Santa Claus is coming to town. More accurately, he’s from town—Cambridge that is. Jonathan Meath is the perfect fit for a Santa. ^ Santa Glen, secretary (October 2010). “Minutes of meeting”.

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What is Santa Claus called in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands and Belgium, the character of Santa Claus competes with that of Sinterklaas, based on Saint Nicolas. Santa Claus is known as de Kerstman in Dutch (“the Christmas man”) and Père Noël (“Father Christmas”) in French.