What is fastdb?

What is fastdb?

FastDB is an application-oriented database. information about application classes. FastDB supports automatic scheme evaluation, allowing you to do changes only in one place – in your application classes. FastDB provides a flexible and convenient interface

How does fastdb import classes into the database?

When you open a database, FastDB imports into the database all classes defined in the application. If a class with the same name already exists in the database, its descriptor stored in the database is compared with the descriptor of this class in the application.

How does fastdb handle indexing?

After loading all class descriptors, FastDB checks if all indices specified in the application class descriptor are already present in the database, constructs new indices and removes indices, which are no more used. Reformatting the table and adding/removing indices is only possible when no more than one application accesses the database.

How to reduce the initial size of a fastdb database?

To avoid these warning for FastDB objects you can register with atexit system function static method dbDatabase::clenup, which will delete all objects allocated by FastDB. By default the initial size of empty database file is 4 megabyte. For some application it is desirable to reduce initial size of the database.