What is IBM Content Manager on Demand?

What is IBM Content Manager on Demand?

What is IBM® Content Manager OnDemand? IBM Content Manager OnDemand automatically captures and stores documents and offers powerful search and retrieval options. The solution can be deployed on premises or in a secure, single-tenant IBM Cloud® infrastructure.

What is content management on demand?

Content Manager OnDemand provides users the ability to view documents, print and send copies of documents, and attach electronic notes to documents. Some of the advantages that Content Manager OnDemand offers include: Locate data easily without specifying the exact report.

What is CMOD in mainframe?

IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) is an Enterprise Archive solution that automatically captures and stores high-volumes of documents including XML data sets, outbound statements and internal production reports.

What is Odwek?

ODWEK provides a programming interface that can search for and retrieve documents from Content Manager OnDemand servers. ODWEK allows users to access data that is stored in an IBM Content Manager OnDemand server with IBM Content Navigator or a user-written program.

What does CMOD stand for?


Acronym Definition
CMOD Centre for Management and Organisation Development (Ireland)
CMOD Company Mate of the Deck (US Naval Academy)
CMOD Configuration Modification
CMOD Continuous Media on Demand

What is IBM db2 Content Manager?

IBM Content Manager is a robust, flexible, full-featured enterprise content management solution. It offers a centralized, secure and scalable foundation to address full content management and workflow requirements for all content types.

What is IBM BACS?

IBM Business Automation Content Services on Cloud is a comprehensive content management cloud service that delivers document management and content lifecycle management capabilities that can be provisioned as a flexible, cost-effective cloud service for new and existing applications.

What is IBM data cap?

Overview. Datacap is a complete solution for document and data capture. Datacap scans, classifies, recognizes, validates, verifies, and exports data and document images quickly, accurately and cost effectively. Datacap functional overview.

What is Content Manager thick client?

A thick client (sometimes called a fat client) is a form of client-server architecture. Specifically, it is a networked computer system with most resources installed locally, rather than distributed over a network.

What is IBM Content Management?

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What is IBM Content Manager?

Excellent writing skills

  • 3+years experience in Content Development for B2B technology solutions
  • Experience managing digital presence (social,web sites,blogging)
  • Experience selling or marketing IT Ops tools and/or SaaS solutions a plus,especially in the Application Performance Monitoring
  • What is IBM access manager?

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    What is an IBM Endpoint Manager?

    IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) is a software tool designed for use in IT asset management. IEM was earlier known as Tivoli Endpoint Manager and was renamed to IBM Endpoint Manager in version 9.0. It enables remote management and the automatic delivery of software updates by means of TEM client software installed on PCs and other devices.