What is Jean de La Fontaine known for?

What is Jean de La Fontaine known for?

La Fontaine, Jean de (1621–95) French poet noted for his fables, which are considered among the masterpieces of French literature. La Fontaine’s Fables choisies, mises en vers (1668–94) consists of 12 books featuring some 240 fables. In 1683, he was elected to the Académie Française.

What is the meaning of La Fontaine?

Its name means “The Fountain” in French. It is pronounced by the inhabitants as [La-Fountain].

Who is Jean Fontaine?

Jean de La Fontaine
Born 8 July 1621 Château-Thierry, Champagne, France
Died 13 April 1695 (aged 73) Neuilly-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France
Occupation Fabulist, poet
Children 1

What did Jean de La Fontaine write?

La Fontaine’s many miscellaneous writings include much occasional verse in a great variety of poetic forms and dramatic or pseudodramatic pieces such as his first published work, L’Eunuque (1654), and Climène (1671), as well as poems on subjects as different as Adonis (1658, revised 1669), La Captivité de saint Malc ( …

How do you pronounce Jean de La Fontaine?

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Where did Jean de La Fontaine study?

Far from the daily life at court, he enters the French Academy in 1684. Born in 1621, Jean de La Fontaine soon preferred literature to his work as Master of Water and Forests in Château-Thierry, his home town.

Where did Jean de La Fontaine live?

PicardyJean de La Fontaine / Places lived

When was Jean de La Fontaine born?

July 8, 1621Jean de La Fontaine / Date of birth

Why did La Fontaine use animals?

La Fontaine’s formulation is significant. He could have claimed that he was using animals to demonstrate a truth to man; but the use of the word ‘precepteurs’ implies that the animals, as man’s teachers, are superior to man, not simply examples to man.

Why did Jean de La Fontaine use animals?

Jean De La Fontaine is a famous French author born in Chateau Thierry in 1621 and died in Paris in 1695. Indeed, the narrative strategy adopted by Jean De La Fontaine to use animals to represent the great moral traits of human beings, is still as clever and funny.

How do you pronounce La Fontaine?

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