What is Maximiser V?

What is Maximiser V?

Maximiser Fund V is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) or an insurance plan with investment element in it. They are not pure insurance or investment products. If you buy them to secure life insurance cover, you would end up with a modest cover because the premium is very high.

How can I know my Icici policy number?

The customer must register their mobile number with the company before availing the offline SMS service. You can do so by sending an SMS to 56767. Type REG the 8-digit policy number and your date of birth. To get updates on your policy via SMS, type PST your policy number and send it to 56767.

How do I cancel my Icici wealth Builder policy?

To surrender your policy, you can visit any of our branches with the following documents:

  1. Surrender form.
  2. Policy document.
  3. A signed copy of the photo identity proof of the policy-holder, i.e. PAN card, Aadhaar card etc.
  4. Cancelled cheque of the bank account in which you wish to receive the surrender amount.

Is Icici Prudential life insurance comes under 80C?

Section 80C: You can claim deduction of life insurance premium paid from your taxable income as per the provisions of Section 80C. Additional deduction of ₹25,000 towards health insurance premium paid for covering parents (Limit is ₹30,000 if the age of insured is 60 years or more).

How does the maximizer 5 work?

The Maximizer 5 monitors the engines Air Fuel Ratio (from aftermarket wide band O2 module), and automatically adjusts the fuel and nitrous solenoid output to achieve the desired Air Fuel Ratio (target AFR is user adjustable).

What is the maximizer 5 Progressive nitrous controller?

The Maximizer 5 features many safety features that help you push your tune-up further while protecting your engine from damage. The Maximizer 5 progressive nitrous controller operates up to four separate stages of nitrous based on either time, RPM, MPH, throttle percentage or boost pressure.

Is maximizer CRM easy to use?

Maximizer is the only CRM available that offers both a Cloud CRM Solution, as well as a self-hosted, On-Premise CRM option. Decide which option is best for your needs. You owe it to yourself, and your customers , to discover just how easy Maximizer CRM is to use!

What does the Max 5 monitor?

The Max 5 monitors throttle percentage, engine rpms, nitrous PSI, boost or pan vacuum as well as 3 other user defined sensors to ensure that your engine is in the correct state to accept nitrous.