What is oblate symmetric top?

What is oblate symmetric top?

A symmetric top is a rotor in which two moments of inertia are the same. Examples of oblate symmetric tops are: benzene (C6H6), cyclobutadiene (C4H4), and ammonia (NH3). Prolate tops are: chloroform(CHCl3) and methylacetylene (CH3C≡CH).

Is CH3Cl symmetric top?

CH3Cl belongs to the C3v point group. It has the symmetry element E, a C3 axis, and three σv planes. The C3 axis. The molecule has a C3 axis that includes the C-Cl bond.

What is asymmetric top molecules?

Asymmetric top molecules are a type of polyatomic molecules having all principle components of the moment of inertia different from each other. In other words, a molecule becomes an asymmetric top molecule if its higher-order rotation axis is C2 or if there is no proper rotation axis.

Which molecule has energy levels described by an asymmetric top?

The water molecule is an important example of an asymmetric top. It has an intense pure rotation spectrum in the far infrared region, below about 200 cm−1.

What are prolate and oblate symmetric top molecules?

If the unique rotational axis has a greater inertia than the degenerate axes the molecule is called an oblate symmetrical top. If the unique rotational axis has a lower inertia than the degenerate axes the molecule is called a prolate symmetrical top.

What is the symmetry of CH3Cl?

Symmetry: C3ν Symmetry Number σ = 3 Sym.

Does CH3Cl have plane of symmetry?

Truong-Son N. Ernest Z. Yes, CH3Cl has a plane of symmetry.

What is symmetric and asymmetric molecules?

A symmetrical molecule is one whose appearance does not change if you turn it about an axis of symmetry; original and rotated states are indistinguishable from one another. By contrast, an asymmetrical molecule has no axis of symmetry; you can tell if it has been rotated.

What are rotational energy levels?

b. For a nonlinear molecule the rotational energy levels are a function of three principal moments of inertia IA, IB and IC. These are moments of inertia around three mutually orthogonal axes that have their origin (or intersection) at the center of mass of the molecule.

What is symmetric top with example?

Symmetric Top Examples: , , . Denoting as the moment of inertia which is parallel and as the moment of inertia which is perpendicular to the molecular axis, we can consider two cases: and . In the first case we have an oblate top (which is like a pancake) and in the second case a prolate top(which is like a cigar).

Which energy levels of the symmetric top are-fold degenerated?

There are projections of the angular momentum onto the external axis ( ) and therefore, each energy level of the symmetric top is -fold degenerated. For we have -fold degeneracy. Though there is no definition for clockwise/anti-clockwise and +/-, the sign indicates two possibilities of rotation with the same energy.

What is the energy level of a symmetric top with k=0?

But as there are the 2J+1 additional possibilities for angular momentum, respective of an external axis (M J = 0, ± 1, ± 2, ± 3, ± J), the energy level of a symmetric top is but 2 (2J+1)-fold degenerate. For K = 0 we have the exception of (2J+1)-fold degeneracy.