What is refractometer method?

What is refractometer method?

Refractive Index Measurement or Refractometry is the method of measuring substances refractive index and assess their composition or purity. Refractometry is a technique that measures how light is refracted when it passes through a given substance.

How does a digital refractometer work?

Digital refractometers produce their own beam of light from an LED, instead of using daylight or another outside source of light. Once the liquid is placed inside the receptacle, the light is beamed through the sample and the computer assigns the resulting refraction a numeric value based on the Brix scale.

Which light source is used in refractometer?

Automatic refractometers automatically measure the refractive index of a sample. The automatic measurement of the refractive index of the sample is based on the determination of the critical angle of total reflection. A light source, usually a long-life LED, is focused onto a prism surface via a lens system.

Why is refractometer used in the sugar industry?

Handheld refractometers are used in many different industries to provide the sugar ripeness of fruits in the field or rapid concentration measurements when there is no laboratory nearby to provide a result.

Why is Brix important in food industry?

As pounds are used to express weight, °Brix is used to express the level of soluble solids in a solution. Therefore, °Brix values primarily represent estimates of sugar content in fruits and vegetables. Sugar content, of course, influences sweetness, an important component of consumer ratings of product quality.

How can I use the abbemat refractometer with other Anton Paar instruments?

The Abbemat refractometers can be connected to other Anton Paar instruments, e.g. to measure density, optical rotation, or viscosity alongside refractive index and concentration.

What are the advantages of abbemat refractometers?

The advantages of Abbemat refractometers compared to other concentration measuring techniques are measuring speed, ease of operation, highest accuracy, low sample volume and no need of sample preparation. More than 200 methods are available for all industries, e.g. pharma, food, beverage or chemical.

What is the abbemat 3×00 series?

The Abbemat 3X00 series measures the concentration of binary solutions. With over 200 available methods – from acetic acid to Zeiss – Abbemat refractometers provide the quality control that you require. Pharmaceuticals (methods acc. to Ph. EU / US / JP) Measure all consistencies within seconds – from liquids to pastes.

Is your abbemat Pharma-compliant?

User management, audit trail, check and adjustment history, and electronic signature are just a few examples of the powerful pharma-compliant configuration possibilities of the Abbemat line. To minimize the time it takes to integrate your new Abbemat into your workflow, Anton Paar offers a Pharma Qualification Package.