What is Rtl_tcp?

What is Rtl_tcp?

If you weren’t aware, rtl_tcp is a program that allows you to run your RTL-SDR remotely, and connect to it over a network connection. The result is a tremendous performance improvement in rtl_tcp according to Stephen.

What can you do with SDR?

What can you do with SDR?

  • Receive broadcast radio.
  • Amateur radio.
  • Radio astronomy.
  • Track ships via AIS transmissions.
  • Track aircraft via Mode S transmissions.
  • Set up a DRM transmitter.
  • Build a GSM network.
  • Experiment with LTE.

What is Rtlamr?

RTLAMR: An RTL-SDR Receiver for 900MHz ISM Smart Meters Smart meters are meters that monitor electricity usage and wirelessly transmit consumption data to the electricity company. They are a part of the “smart grid”, and allow for better electricity control and usage reporting.

What is remote SDR V2?

Remote SDR V2 is software that allows you to easily remotely access either a PlutoSDR, HackRF or RTL-SDR software defined radio.

What version of sdrplay do I need for my Device?

When you select either version 2 or version 3 a search is made for all SDRplay devices (RSP1A, RSPduo.) connected to your computer. Version 3 is recommended.

What version of SDR console is the API DLL for?

June 2nd, 2020: v3.0.23 and prior versions statically linked v3.06 of the library and would only work with the 3.06 API. With v3.0.24 the API DLL is dynamically loaded, has been tested with 3.06 and 3.07. Until 3.0.24 is released here are new DLLs, just copy to the folder where SDR Console is installed (stop SDR Console first).

What’s new in sdrplay version 318?

Version 3.0.18 adds support for all SDRplay models using version 3.06 of the API library. While this support is being added the previous support using version 2.13 is still available. Supports the RSP1, RSP1A, RSP2, RSPduo and RSPdx.