What is selcof?

What is selcof?

Selcof semi-Integrated cup cartridge bearing headset for bikes with a tapered 1 1/8th 1.5 fork steerer. This model has a zero-stack top assembly and external-cup lower assembly.

What is the selcof cable actuated stealth dropper post?

The SELCOF cable actuated stealth dropper post allows you to get your saddle to optimal height without having to stop to alter it, via its handlebar mounted lever.

Why choose sel-700 relays?

The SEL-700 series protective relays reliably protect and control your power system, from generators and transformers to feeders and motors. SEL relays offer high-speed, secure, accurate, and dependable fault locating along with comprehensive automation and control functions.

What is a selcof HM seatpost?

High quality super-lightweight HM (High Modulus) Carbon seatpost from Italian accessory masters, Selcof. Available in 27.2mm and 31.6mm. Micro-adjustability for fine-tuning your saddle position. Different frames often require different cable guides under the BB to optimize cable routing for the slickest friction free shifting possible.