What is the Cartier screw bracelet called?

What is the Cartier screw bracelet called?

Cartier LOVE Bracelet
The Cartier LOVE Bracelet has been a symbol of ”inseparable love” for many jewelry-loving romantics ever since it was designed in 1969. This romantic concept is embodied in the bracelet held together by two screws and ”locked” onto the wearer’s wrist.

Why do Cartier bracelets have screws?

7. The distinctive round screws that decorate the Love bracelet were inspired by visits to the hardware store and the mechanical pieces Cipullo was working with in his studio.

Do all Cartier love bracelets screw on?

Real Cartier Love bracelets are very precise and the screws perfectly stamped into the metal. The screw stamps on the replicas are not properly aligned, uneven, and not a smooth surface.

How can you tell a fake Cartier Love bracelet?

Void of any damage or aging, all markings should be crisp and clear. Smudged logos, uneven inscriptions, or sloppy finishes are red flags that indicate the bracelet is a replica. First, there is the obvious “Cartier” logo. Any Love bracelet should have the signature, and if it does not, then it is a fake.

Do Cartier bracelets hold value?

Yes, for the most part, Cartier jewelry does hold its value. Take for instance the Cartier Love bracelet, one of the most sought-after pieces of jewelry in the world. When it first debuted in 1969, the bracelet’s original purchase price was $250 USD. Today, the retail price for the same bracelet is $6,550.

Does Love bracelet have resale value?

Speaking in very broad strokes, a classic Cartier Love Bracelet on TrueFacet will resell for $5,000, earning any consignor upwards of $4,250. But some variations of the Love Bracelet can resell for over $8,000! The earning potential of your Cartier Love Bracelet is influenced by its size, metal type and overall style.

Is Cartier Love bracelet real gold?

Love bracelets are exclusively made in 18k yellow, white, or pink gold, as well as 950 platinum. Furthermore, all gemstones are of course real diamonds. So if particular Cartier Love bracelet you are looking at is made in silver, steel or any other metal other than the ones listed above, then it is a fake.