What is the climate in Costa Rica right now?

What is the climate in Costa Rica right now?

Current Conditions

81°F (27°C) Humidity 47%
Partly sunny Wind 19.26 miles per hour, ENE

Does it rain all day in Costa Rica?

Basically, for about five months of the year, most locations see less than five or so days with rain. That means it is virtually dry in most areas of the country from December to April. One exception is the Caribbean coast (in yellow), which has its own unique weather patterns with more consistent year-round rain.

Where is it not raining in Costa Rica?

Rainforest areas have rain almost all year. To avoid humidity, we recommend Guanacaste, as it has the least rain in the country, year-round. For the most pleasant, least humid weather in Costa Rica, you want to be in Guanacaste.

Where is the best weather in Costa Rica?

In fact, if you are looking for a warm climate, head to Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast. Known as the Gold Coast, this area receives the least rainfall and has more sunny days than anywhere else in the country.

Is all of Costa Rica humid?

Costa Rica receives annual sunshine between 1650 hours to 2700 hours annually. The average humidity is high and ranges between 74% and 90%.

What is the best weather in Costa Rica?

January. The beginning of January is a peak travel season in Costa Rica,as crowds from the Christmas and New Year holidays linger.

  • February&March. We’re still in dry season,and the weather remains fantastic.
  • April.
  • May.
  • June.
  • July&August.
  • September&October.
  • November.
  • December.
  • What is the average monthly temperature in Costa Rica?

    The warmest month is March with an average maximum temperature of 34°C (93°F). The coldest month is January with an average maximum temperature of 30°C (87°F). October is the most wet month. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain. February is the driest month. March is the most sunny month. No idea where to travel to this year?

    What are the weather seasons in Costa Rica?

    Early Rainy Season – May,June. Because Costa Rica’s rainy season starts soft,early May is often indistinguishable from the dry season.

  • Mid Rainy Season – July,August. The rains increase in July and August,making this a good time to visit relatively dry northwest coast.
  • Late Rainy Season – September,October,November.
  • What is the weather and climate of Costa Rica?

    Costa Rica has a tropical and subtropical climate, with two primary seasons. The dry season lasts from winter in December to summer in April. Summers are hot, dry, and cloudy. The wet season is from May to November and overlaps the winter towards the end.