What is the difference between an Audi A4 and an Audi A4 S line?

What is the difference between an Audi A4 and an Audi A4 S line?

The Audi A4 S line looks sportier than lesser models in the range thanks to attractive alloy wheels, a subtle bodykit and suspension that makes the car sit slightly lower than the standard version. There’s a wide choice of S line models, which are available as an A4 saloon or A4 Avant estate.

What is Audi A4 S line?

Audi S line is a trim package available for many Audi vehicles that provides a sportier appearance. The S line package often includes Audi Drive Select to allow you to change the vehicle’s suspension dynamics or a sport suspension. Distinctive exteriors, bumpers, and badging complete the package.

Does the Audi A4 S line have a turbo?

Each comes with one of two available turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines: the standard 40 TFSI (201 horsepower, 236 lb-ft of torque) or the 45 TFSI (261 hp, 273 lb-ft), also known as the S line.

What is the difference between S-Line and S-Line plus?

S line models are equipped with a sporty, 3-spoke steering wheel, Xenon and LED lights, while S line Plus cars get sat-nav and leather thrown in.

What is the sport line on an Audi?

S line is essentially just a trim level that makes your Audi look sportier outside and in. You can spec it on almost any Audi model, so you can have sporty looks in combination with an engine that’s (relatively) cheap to buy and run.

What is the difference between S Line and s line Audi?

Again, the differences between the interior of an S line and a lower-level model vary across the Audi range, but the changes are broadly the same across the board: sports seats, metal-effect – or real metal – dashboard trim, S line badge on the steering wheel, metal-trimmed pedals, S line sill plates.

What does the Audi A1 s line have to offer?

The A1 S line gets sports seats with leatherette inserts and an embossed S line logo; bright metal-effect trim on the dashboard and centre console; perforated leather and an S line badge on the steering wheel; bright metal-trimmed pedals; and S line sill plates.

Should I Opt for the S Line Sport package?

Opt for the S Line sport package. Or better yet, the S Line Black Package. It includes the 19″ 5-arm Rotor design wheels, sport suspension (lowers the car slightly), sport seats and a number of blacked out physical features. For $2,600, it’ll do to the car what an Armani suit can for my dad bod.