What is the Erhardt Perkins offense?

What is the Erhardt Perkins offense?

The Erhardt-Perkins system traditionally had a reputation of being a smash-mouth offense that maximizes a team’s time of possession and does not frequently call upon its running backs to serve as receivers.

What type of offense do the Saints run?

West Coast offense
New Orleans Saints Call it “the West Coast offense” of “the Gulf Coast offense,” it really doesn’t matter.

How do you run and shoot offense?

The key to any Run and Shoot offense is the quarterback and whether he is able to read defenses quickly and effectively, and whether he is an accurate passer. After that, make sure your team has a lot of options at receiver, and that your team is quick and speedier than it is strong and powerful.

Who was the running back for the San Diego Chargers when Dan Fouts was quarterback?

The 1985 roster for the Chargers included Dan Fouts at quarterback, Tim Spencer at running back, Charlie Joiner at wide receiver, Eric Sievers at tight end and Jim Lachey at offensive lineman.

Who was the tight end for the San Diego Chargers when Dan Fouts the quarterback?

But, two fourth quarter touchdowns by the Chargers Hall of Fame duo of quarterback Dan Fouts and tight end Kellen Winslow overshadowed the big day by Harris. San Diego won 31-28 when Fouts found Winslow for a 12-yard TD pass with one minute left on the clock.

Why did Don Coryell leave St Louis Cardinals?

Coryell’s dissatisfaction with the status quo left the Cardinal players, most of whom privately supported him, convinced that he could not now return under any circumstances.

What defense does Bill Belichick use?

Belichick does run an odd front but opts instead for his “Base” front (what you may hear called the “Okie” front in other football parlance), with two defensive tackles outside of the tackles and a nose tackle.

What is the Air Coryell offense?

In American football, Air Coryell is the offensive scheme and philosophy developed by former San Diego Chargers coach Don Coryell. The offensive philosophy has been also called the “Coryell offense” or the “vertical offense”.

Who is Don Coryell?

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Who is the most successful Air Coryell coach in NFL history?

In NFL coaching circles, the most famous and successful advocates of the Air Coryell system are Norv Turner, Mike Martz and Al Saunders . Norv Turner learned the offense from longtime Coryell assistant, Ernie Zampese.

What is a Coryell tight end?

The Coryell offense introduced the concept of a tight end that ran wide receiver-type routes with Kellen Winslow in 1980. Tight ends previously were primarily blockers lined up next to an offensive lineman and ran short to medium drag routes.