What is the formula of zener diode?

What is the formula of zener diode?

Let take a minimum current Iz as 10mA at Full Load. The voltage across the zener remains a constant value VZ for any increase in the input voltages above VZ….How zener diode is different from a normal diode?

Normal PN junction Zener Diode
High and not definite break down voltage. Low and sharp Break down voltage

How do you calculate Zener voltage?

To check one, use a multimeter to test its voltage both in and out of circuit. A 1N4734A Zener diode has a 5.6-volt and a 1 W power rating. It supplies a stable 5.6 volts to a circuit. The maximum current is approximately 1 W/ 5.6 V = 179 mA.

How is Zener power calculated?

The power rating of a zener diode is the amount of voltage and current that the diode can handle. Power= voltage x current. If a a zener diode has a zener voltage, VZ of 5.1W, you can use the power rating to find out how much current can flow through the diode by the formula, IZM= PZM/VZ. 3.

How do you calculate Zener resistor?

  1. The zener resistance can be calculated…
  2. By the following process:
  3. Zener diode ZD is used to generate a regulated DC output.
  4. R = Vin – Vz / Iz.
  5. Where Vin is the input voltage, Vz output voltage and Iz current through the Zener In most circuits, Iz is kept as low as 5mA.
  6. So the value of R3 appears as.

What is Zener diode?

A Zener diode is a silicon semiconductor device that permits current to flow in either a forward or reverse direction. The diode consists of a special, heavily doped p-n junction, designed to conduct in the reverse direction when a certain specified voltage is reached.

What is PZM in zener diode?

The Power Rating, PZM, of a zener diode is the maximum amount of power that a zener diode can safely handle. If this power rating is exceeded, the zener diode may be damaged or destroyed by the excess power.

What is diode basing?

A P-N Junction Diode is formed by doping one side of a piece of silicon with a P-type dopant (Boran) and the other side with a N-type dopant (phosphorus). This is the basic construction of the P-N junction diode. It is one of the simplest semiconductor devices as it allows current to flow in only one direction.

What is zener resistor?

Zener Diode Regulator Resistor, RS is connected in series with the zener diode to limit the current flow through the diode with the voltage source, VS being connected across the combination. Resistor RS is selected so to limit the maximum current flowing in the circuit.

How do I choose a zener?

Matching the Zener Diode and Resistor to the Situation

  1. Choose a Zener Diode. Since we need 8 Volts we can choose between a 7.5V or an 8.2V zener diode.
  2. Calculate the Maximum Current in the Circuit.
  3. Select the Power Rating of the Zener Diode.
  4. Select the Resisitor.
  5. Select the Power Rating of the Resisitor.

What is the value of IL and Iz?

As the load current IL decreases, the zener current IZ will increase to such a value that IZ + IL = 110 mA. Note that if load resistance is open-circuited, then IL = 0 and zener current becomes 110 mA.

What is an ideal Zener diode?

For an ideal diode, no current at all passes when the voltage is less than zero: the diode completely prevents reverse current flow. For small positive voltage (“forward bias,” or sometimes “foward voltage”), a tiny amount of current may flow, and a very large amount of current will flow above a given threshold.