What is the genome size of Arabidopsis thaliana?

What is the genome size of Arabidopsis thaliana?

approximately 135-megabases
The Arabidopsis thaliana genome was sequenced in 2000 by the Arabidopsis Genome Initiative (AGI) (Nature 14 Dec. 2000). The genome has five chromosomes and a total size of approximately 135-megabases. The current TIGR golden path length is 119,146,348 bp.

Does Arabidopsis have a small genome?

Abstract. Arabidopsis thaliana is a small flowering plant that is a member of the family cruciferae. It has many characteristics–diploid genetics, rapid growth cycle, relatively low repetitive DNA content, and small genome size–that recommend it as the model for a plant genome project.

How many genes are in Arabidopsis genome?

25,500 genes
The genome of Arabidopsis: Contains about 125 megabases of sequence. Encodes approximately 25,500 genes.

How many chromosomes are in Arabidopsis?

five chromosomes
The genome of the flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana has five chromosomes.

How big is the tomato genome?

approximately 900 megabases
The predicted genome size is approximately 900 megabases (Mb), consistent with previous estimates3, of which 760 Mb were assembled in 91 scaffolds aligned to the 12 tomato chromosomes, with most gaps restricted to pericentromeric regions (Fig.

Where is fad7 expressed in Arabidopsis?

The Arabidopsis FAD7gene is expressed preferentially in the chlorophyllous tissues of unwounded plants (Nishiuchi et al., 1995). Wounding drastically changes the spatial expression pattern of the FAD7gene in vegetative organs (Nishiuchi et al., 1997).

What is the role of plastidial ω-3 desaturase fad8?

Electronic address: [email protected]. Plastidial ω-3 desaturase FAD7 is a major contributor to trienoic fatty acid biosynthesis in the leaves of Arabidopsis plants. However, the precise contribution of the other plastidial ω-3 desaturase, FAD8, is poorly understood.

Can we map wound-responsive regions of the Arabidopsis fad7promoter?

Thus, the Arabidopsis FAD7promoter provides a unique model for studying the mechanism of transcriptional activation in response to wounding through different signal transduction pathways. In this paper, we mapped the wound-responsive regions of the FAD7promoter in each vegetative organ.

Are fatty acid genes distributed on the same chromosome?

Chromosome localization of the M. truncatula FAD genes. (Mb). Different fatty acid gene members of same subfamilies might be distributed on different M. truncatula chromosomes. This phenomenon was observed for the MtFAB2, MtFAD2, MtFAD3, MtFAD6 and MtFAD7 gene subfamilies.