What is the homeopathic remedy Gelsemium used for?

What is the homeopathic remedy Gelsemium used for?

In Homeopathic Materia Medica, Gelsemium is described as a remedy for a variety of neurological and behavioral symptoms including general prostration, drowsiness, tiredness, mental apathy, lack of muscular coordination, and discomfort when confronted with novelty or unfamiliar situations; these symptoms are alleviated …

Which homeopathic medicine is best for flu?

Remedy Options

  • Arsenicum album. A person who needs this remedy during flu feels chilly and exhausted, along with an anxious restlessness.
  • Belladonna.
  • Bryonia alba.
  • Eupatorium perfoliatum.
  • Ferrum phosphoricum.
  • Gelsemium.
  • Nux vomica.
  • Oscillococcinum® and Children’s Oscillococcinum®

Is Gelsemium good for colds?

A person who needs Gelsemium often trembles and is shaky, or feels extremely dull. This remedy is often helpful for colds that come on in hot weather. This remedy relieves thick nasal discharge that irritates the throat. This helps relieve thick, greenish, irritating nasal discharge.

What is the homeopathic remedy for flu prevention?

Oscillococcinum® is a highly diluted homeopathic preparation manufactured from wild duck heart and liver, which may be reservoirs of flu viruses. Some people take Oscillococcinum® regularly over the winter months either to prevent flu or as a treatment for flu symptoms.

How do you take Gelsemium 30c?

Tablets to be sucked or chewed. Unless otherwise directed: 1 dose every 2 hours for the first 6 doses. Thereafter, take 1 dose when required. Stop with improvement.

What is natrum Muriaticum 6X?

Information about SBL Natrum Muriaticum Biochemic Tablet 6X It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces swelling of the rectum which causes severe pain after passing stool and treats conditions associated with it such as constipation and contraction of the anus.