What is the meaning of the words in the song the weight?

What is the meaning of the words in the song the weight?

Inspired by Buñuel but populated by Arkansans, the song is most simply about the burdens we all carry. The “weight” is the load that we shoulder when we take on responsibility or when we try to do good.

Who sang the song the weight?

The BandThe Weight / ArtistThe Band was a Canadian-American rock band formed in Toronto, Ontario, in 1967. It consisted of four Canadians and one American: Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson, and Levon Helm. Wikipedia

Who is Anna Lee Amsden?

Anna Lee Williams Amsden was born and raised in the Delta in Turkey Scratch near Marvell, Phillips County, Arkansas. A childhood neighbor and close, life-long friend of Levon Helm, she and Helm have crossed paths with the Pryor Center a number of times.

Who wrote “the weight”?

Who wrote “The Weight”? The Band’s guitarist, Robbie Robertson, is the sole person credited with writing this song. However, one of the group’s singers, Levon Helm, later disputed this fact (1940-2012), rather stating that its composition was a collaborative effort between all of The Band’s members.

Does the song “the weight” have a particular meaning?

Thus singers who have later performed it with an overt-religious connotation in mind, such as Mavis Staples, did so based on their own personal interpretations of the song. So in all honesty, whereas Mr. Robertson may not have meant for “The Weight” to have a particular meaning.

What was the release date of the song the weight?

Release Date of “The Weight” “The Weight” was released by Capitol Records in January of 1968. It was the only single dropped from The Band’s debut album, which was entitled “Music from Big Pink”.

What is the meaning of “the weight” by Robbie Robertson?

That is to say that listeners often attribute deep meaning to “The Weight” whereas the song’s writer, Robbie Robertson, has more or less described it as something he threw together willy-nilly .