What is the story behind Ballroom Blitz?

What is the story behind Ballroom Blitz?

“The Ballroom Blitz” was inspired by an incident on 27 January 1973 when the band were performing at the Grand Hall in Kilmarnock, Scotland, and were driven offstage by a bottling.

Why did The Sweet break up?

According to Sweet bassist Steve Priest, singer Brian Connolly had to quit the legendary glam band because of his serious smoking habit. Priest claims that his nicotine habit caused serious damage to that golden voice. “He wanted to do country stuff,” says the bassist.

Who does the song Ballroom Blitz?

SweetBallroom Blitz / ArtistThe Sweet, sometimes also shortened to just Sweet, are a British glam rock band that rose to worldwide fame in the 1970s. Their best known line-up consisted of lead vocalist Brian Connolly, bass player Steve Priest, guitarist Andy Scott, and drummer Mick Tucker. The group was originally called The Sweetshop. Wikipedia

When did Ballroom Blitz by Sweet come out?

1974Ballroom Blitz / Released

Who was lead singer of the sweet?

Peter LincolnSince 2006
Tony O’Hora2003 – 2006Joe RettaSince 2008
Sweet/Lead singers

What happened to Brian Connelly?

Connolly died around midnight of 9–10 February 1997, due to kidney failure, liver failure and repeated heart attacks. He was 51 years old.

How old is Andy Scott?

72 years (June 30, 1949)Andy Scott / Age

Who sings the song ‘Ballroom Blitz’?

“The Ballroom Blitz” (on some releases “Ballroom Blitz”) is a song written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman and originally recorded by the English rock band Sweet (then known as The Sweet). It was released as a single in 1973, where it reached #1 in Australia and entered at #2 in the UK singles chart.

What is Ballroom Blitz about?

What does Ballroom Blitz mean? This song tells a rather opaque story of band performing when mayhem breaks out in the audience, resulting in a “ballroom blitz.” In 1973, Sweet performed at the Grand Hall in Kilmarnock, Scotland, where they were driven offstage by a barrage of bottles. 20 Related Question Answers Found

What is a Ballroom Blitz?

Ballroom Blitz is a Battlefield 1 base game map, and features one of the more unique settings in the game. During the war, many French chateaus fell into German hands and were used to house generals and high ranking staff members, who lived in luxury. The battles of Ballroom Blitz are centered around one of these pristine buildings.

Is Ballroom Blitz on rock band two?

Ballroom Blitz by SweetPlayed on Rock Band 2 for X360Full Band | Expert | Gold StarXBL : serik21Guitar : MeBass : Sofa KingSavageDrums : Karmic SinVox :