What is the story of the Emperors Club?

What is the story of the Emperors Club?

Kevin Kline stars as Arthur Hundert, a dedicated and inspiring classics professor who has devoted his life to teaching at a prep school for boys. New student Sedgewick Bell, the headstrong son of a powerful senator, joins his class and inexorably alters Mr. Hundert’s life. It is a clash of wills and personalities as these two people seemingly battle for the hearts and souls of the other students at St. Benedictus.The Emperor’s Club / Film synopsis

What is the moral lesson of the Emperor’s Club?

To be without honesty, faith, compassion and care is to be devoid of the very ingredients necessary for lives of meaningful contribution. “The Emperor’s Club” is a clear message for a world in search of moral answers to the complex problems we face.

Is the Emperor’s Club a true story?

Although the movie contains many accurate historical facts, it seems to have no idea as to what a teacher actually does in a classroom. For starters, the film portrays Hundert in sections not only as teacher, but also headmaster, and, in one scene, dormitory monitor.

Who was the headmaster of the Emperor’s Club?

The Emperor’s Club (2002) – Edward Herrmann as Headmaster Woodbridge – IMDb.

Who is Mr Hundert?

Mr. Hundert is Sedgewick’s teacher. When Sedgewick was introduced into Mr. Hundert’s class, he was a class clown.

Where was Emperor’s Club?

The film was filmed at Emma Willard School in Troy, New York, although the fictional St. Benedict’s Academy is said to be modeled after Phillips Academy, a prestigious preparatory school located in Andover, Massachusetts.

How long is the Emperor’s Club movie?

1h 50mThe Emperor’s Club / Running time

Who was Elizabeth in The Emperor’s Club?

Embeth Davidtz
The Emperor’s Club (2002) – Embeth Davidtz as Elizabeth – IMDb.

How does Sedgewick Bell cheat during the competition?

How does Sedgewick Bell cheat during the competition? He didn’t cheat, he studies very hard. Mr. Hundert gave him all of the answers.

Where can I watch The Emperor’s Club?

Right now you can watch The Emperor’s Club on Starz.

Who is Martin Blythe?

Martin Blythe’s work as a publicist includes the Transformers and Shrek franchises. Kiwi-born Blythe went on to gain a PhD in film and TV, review films for The Listener, and write 1994 book Naming the Other: Images of the Māori in New Zealand Film and Television. He has been based in LA since 1984.

Where was Emperor’s Club filmed?

When filming the movie, the location (Emma Willard school in Troy, NY) was still operating as a girl’s school.

Why did Sedgewick Bell cheat?

Sedgewick has a misinformed conscience because his parents didn’t give him the proper support needed for him to be successful in life. This lack of support lead Sedgewick to cheat his way through life.

How do you get history to remember you?

10 Ways to be Remembered 100 Years From Now

  1. Don’t live for your legacy—live for your family.
  2. Find your passion.
  3. Defer short-term gratification for long-term satisfaction.
  4. Build other people up.
  5. Be an honorable person.
  6. Define your life in terms of giving rather than taking.
  7. Be authentic.
  8. Love your family.

How did Mr Hundert fail Sedgewick?

Sedgewick’s cheating serves as evidence that Hundert has failed to meet his expectations of being a teacher able to instill in his pupils an understanding of “high ideals” (p. 163).