What is thread currentThread in Java?

What is thread currentThread in Java?

java multithreading. Thread. currentThread() is a static method which provides reference to currently executing Thread (basically a reference to ‘this’ thread). Accessing non-static members (especially this ) inside a static method is not possible in Java, so currentThread() is a native method.

What does thread currentThread () return?

currentThread() method returns a reference to the currently executing thread object.

What is thread currentThread () getName ()?

Thread. currentThread() returns a reference to the thread that is currently executing. In the above example, I’ve used thread’s getName() method to print the name of the current thread. Every thread has a name.

What is thread synchronization explain?

Thread synchronization is the concurrent execution of two or more threads that share critical resources. Threads should be synchronized to avoid critical resource use conflicts. Otherwise, conflicts may arise when parallel-running threads attempt to modify a common variable at the same time.

What is the return type of getContextClassLoader () method?

The getContextClassLoader() method of thread class returns the context ClassLoader for the thread.

What is InterruptedException explain it with a small example?

An InterruptedException is thrown when a thread is interrupted while it’s waiting, sleeping, or otherwise occupied. In other words, some code has called the interrupt() method on our thread.

What is InterruptedException Java?

java.lang.InterruptedException. Thrown when a thread is waiting, sleeping, or otherwise occupied, and the thread is interrupted, either before or during the activity. Occasionally a method may wish to test whether the current thread has been interrupted, and if so, to immediately throw this exception.

How to list all threads currently running in Java?

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How to create and start thread in Java?

– Get an instance of the Thread class. – Call start method on the created thread object- thread.start (); – Once the thread is started run method will be executed.

What are the two ways to create a thread in Java?

1) Create a class in which you want to create a new thread. 2) Create an object of Thread class by use of constructor and also provide the body to run () method. That will be considered as an anonymous class. 3) Call the start () method to run the execution of the thread.

Can we start thread again in Java?

Can we start a thread twice in java. No, Once you have started a thread, it can not be started again. If you try to start thread again , it will throw IllegalThreadStateException. As you can see when we started thread twice, it threw IllegalThreadStateException. You can go through core java interview questions for beginners and experienced for