What is Webex one click?

What is Webex one click?

WebEx One-Click allows you to start a meeting instantly from your desktop (desktop version) and from your WebEx service Web site (Web version). You can set up one or both versions, depending on your needs.

What is Webex PCNow?

WebEx PCNow allows users access to a remote computer, including their desktop, applications, files and network access as though they are sitting in front of it, but letting them skip the trip to the office.

What is one push button?

One Button to Push (OBTP) is one of Cisco’s marquee TelePresence and videoconferencing features. With OBTP, meetings scheduled by end users for a conference room appear in a list on the room’s display, and video- or WebEx-enabled meetings offer a “big green button” to join the meeting on the device’s touch control pad.

How do I add a Webex shortcut to my desktop?

During a meeting, go to Help > Keyboard Shortcuts. Click on a key command to edit or delete the shortcut. To edit the shortcut, simultaneously press the keys for the new command. Webex automatically saves your changes.

Can I start a Webex meeting without the host?

With ‘Join before Host’ enabled, attendees can join the meeting without the host being in attendance. Enabling this setting can result in unintended consequences including misuse of teleconferencing minutes. This setting only applies to standard Webex sites.

Is Webex a video chat?

With Webex App, you can make audio or video calls. So, if you’re having a bad hair day or calling someone while on the go, you don’t have to worry about sharing video if you don’t want to. But, when you’re ready to meet face-to-face, a video call is just a click away!

How do I join a Cisco Webex meeting from desktop?

To join a meeting, do one of the following:

  1. Enter the meeting link, meeting number, or video address in the Join a Meeting field and then click Join.
  2. Click the Join button next the meeting name in the Upcoming Meetings list. The Join button appears just before the meeting is scheduled to start.

How do I change shortcuts on Webex?

Go to Help and select Keyboard shortcuts, or use Ctrl + / to access the shortcuts menu in the app.

How do I maximize a Webex window?

Click Layout , and then toggle Full-screen view on.

What is WebEx pcnow?

WebEx PCNow is a powerful web-based service that lets you access your own computer securely from a remote location via any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection, or from a mobile device with a web browser. WebEx PCNow essentially “brings your computer to you” no matter where you are.

Is WebEx one-click a virus?

WebEx One-Click relates to Communication Tools. This PC program was developed to work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and is compatible with 32-bit systems. This download was checked by our built-in antivirus and was rated as virus free. The actual developer of the program is WebEx Communications, Inc.

How do I start a WebEx one-click meeting?

If you installed the WebEx One-Click program, you can start your meeting using the WebEx One-Click panel or by clicking a One-Click shortcut on:Your Web browser,Microsoft Office application.

What is WebEx status and how does it work?

Webex automatically sets your status when you’re in a meeting, sharing your screen, and out of office so everyone knows when you’re really available. Or set ‘do not disturb’ for those times you need to focus.