What kind of cross is AA x AA?

What kind of cross is AA x AA?

Law of segregation

Cross Genotypic ratio Phenotypic ratio
AA x AA all AA all A-
aa x aa all aa all aa
AA x aa all Aa all A-
Aa x AA 1 AA : 1 Aa all A-

What happens when aa crosses with AA?

In a cross Aa x Aa, this indicates that each parent is heterozygous. This means there is one dominant allele and one recessive.

How many different genotypes are possible from the cross AA x AA?

three possible genotypes
With alleles ‘A’ and ‘a’ there are three possible genotypes AA, Aa and aa. With three alleles 1, 2, 3 there are six possible genotypes: 11, 12, 13, 22, 23, 33.

Is AA x AA an example of a Monohybrid cross or a Dihybrid cross?

The sentences currently at the page state: “A monohybrid cross is a cross between parents who are true-breeding for a trait; i.e., both are homozygous for one allele of the gene, for example AA x aa, in which A is the dominant allele for a trait and a is the recessive allele for that same trait.

What is an AA genotype?

The term allele refers to a variant of a specific gene. The term “homozygous” is used to describe the pairs “AA” and “aa” because the alleles in the pair are the same, i.e. both dominant or both recessive. In contrast, the term “heterozygous” is used to describe the allelic pair, “Aa”.

What are the possible genotypes of the offspring?

A description of the pair of alleles in our DNA is called the genotype. Since there are three different alleles, there are a total of six different genotypes at the human ABO genetic locus. The different possible genotypes are AA, AO, BB, BO, AB, and OO.

What is F1 in Punnett Squares?

Represented by letter N (meaning they are haploid-contain half the chromosomes ▪ P generation: The parental generation (Usually the first one in a genetic cross) ▪ F1 generation: The first generation of offspring from P generation (means first filial: Latin for “son”) ▪ F2 generation: The second generation of offspring …

What is the genotype and phenotype F1 generation?

yy is the homozygous dominant genotype (2 y alleles). The phenotype of this genotype is green seed color. The types of gametes produced by each individual depends on its genotype. So, the F1 generation all have identical genotypes, heterozygous at the seed color gene, and their phenotypes are yellow seeds.

What are the genotypes of the offspring?

An offspring’s genotype is the result of the combination of genes in the sex cells or gametes (sperm and ova) that came together in its conception. One sex cell came from each parent. Sex cells normally only have one copy of the gene for each trait (e.g., one copy of the Y or G form of the gene in the example above).

How are genotypes and phenotypes related 1 point?

Explanation: The genotype is an individual’s collection of genes. The phenotype is the expression of the genotype in a certain environment. It means that two clones, with exactly the same genotype, will not look the same (will have different phenotypes) if they are raised in different environments.

What is genotype example?

A genotype is the collection of genes that all living things, including you and everyone you know, carry. For example, if your MC1R gene leads to you having red hair, then you have the genotype for red hair. Humans are diploid organisms, which means you have two copies of each chromosome—one from each parent.

What type of cross produces a 1 1 ratio?

monohybrid cross
In the monohybrid cross, a testcross of a heterozygous individual resulted in a 1:1 ratio.