What order should I read the Daredevil comics?

What order should I read the Daredevil comics?

Daredevil Reading Order

  1. I) Daredevil’s Origins.
  2. II) Daredevil: The Frank Miller Era.
  3. II Redux) Ann Nocenti and Joe Kelly Take Daredevil From the Late 80’s Through the 1990’s.
  4. III) Daredevil in the 2000’s: Kevin Smith and Marvel Knights.
  5. IV) Daredevil: The Bendis & Maleev Era.
  6. V) Daredevil: The Brubaker & Lark Era.

How many issues of Daredevil are there?

Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil

Title Material collected Year
Volume 9 Daredevil #85–96 2015
Volume 10 Daredevil #97–107; Avengers #111 2016
Volume 11 Daredevil #108-119; Marvel Two-In-One #3 2017
Volume 12 Daredevil #120-132; material from FOOM #13 2018

Who wrote Daredevil after Bendis?

2, #16–19 (May 2001 – August 2001). Following Mack and Bendis were Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale and artists Phil Winslade and David Ross for the story “Playing to the Camera”. Mack continued to contribute covers, while Brian Michael Bendis wrote further stories such as Daredevil: Ninja.

Who made Matt Murdock suit?

Melvin Potter
Daredevil’s Suit is the protective body armor formerly worn by Matt Murdock in his vigilantism as Daredevil. Developed by Melvin Potter, the suit is a red uniform with reinforced plating lined over a durable material that allowed for greater mobility.

What are the best Marvel Comics about daredevil?

10 Best Daredevil Storylines In Marvel Comics, Ranked 1 Chip Zdarsky Run (Daredevil 2 Guardian Devil 3 Mark Waid Run (Daredevil Vol 4 Man Without Fear 5 End of Days 6 Roulette 7 Last Hand 8 Daredevil vs Punisher 9 Gang War 10 Born Again

How many issues of Daredevil did it take to start?

Daredevil’s first ongoing solo series. Unlike many Marvel heroes launched during the Silver Age of Comics, Daredevil debuted in his own series without first being test launched in another title. The series started in 1964 and lasted 380 issues until being cancelled in 1998.

What is the best Daredevil/Kingpin story in Marvel history?

“Born Again” is one of the greatest stories in Marvel’s history. It is by far the greatest Daredevil/ Kingpin story ever to be written as well. When Karen Page sells out Matt Murdock’s secret, eventually that information makes its way to Wilson Fisk.

What is the story behind Daredevil?

Daredevil is Matthew Murdock, son of “Battling” Jack Murdock, a prize fighter past his prime, who wants his son to get a real education instead of fighting. While his father tries to find honest work, his son is taunted by his peers and so begins training in secret.