What radio station is the Astro game on?

What radio station is the Astro game on?

Listen to your Houston Astros LIVE all season long with Robert Ford & Steve Sparks on 790AM KBME and FM 94.5 HD-2 Houston and Francisco Romero & Alex Treviño on KLAT 1010AM. Search our Network Affiliates page for your local radio station or listen live anywhere in the world through MLB At Bat.

Are the Astros on FM radio?

Listen to Astro Radio 96.4 FM, Diva 106.1 FM and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the radio.net App.

How can I listen to the Astros in Austin?

Carried the regular-season Astros games in 2001:

  1. KOGT – 1600 AM – Orange, TX. LISTEN.
  2. KVET- 1300 AM – Austin, TX.
  3. KIVY – 92.7 FM – Crockett, TX.
  4. KTEM – 1400 AM – Temple, TX.
  5. WIBR – 1300 AM – Baton Rouge, LA.
  6. KVET- 1300 AM – Austin, TX.
  7. KBST – 1490 AM – Big Spring, TX.
  8. WTAW – 1150 AM – Bryan/College Station, TX.

Are the Astros on Sirius radio?

In addition to its affiliates, Houston Astros Radio Network content can be listened to on satellite radio via Sirius XM Radio and online using both MLB.tv and Sirius XM Internet Radio. Astros games returned to KTRH in 2019, while also continuing to air on 790, KBME.

How can I listen to old baseball games?

You can reach the Audio player page by navigating to the “MLB.TV” list menu in the global navigation from almost any page on MLB.com. From that sub-list menu, select “Alternative Audio.”

What radio station are the Astros on in Austin?

K248CU 97.5
Current affiliate stations

Call sign Frequency City
KEYH – Most Games 850 Houston, Texas
KNTE When Rockets conflict, Astros Spanish airs FM-only 101.7 (Bay City/Sugar Land) Houston, Texas
KTLT 98.1 Anson, Texas
K248CU 97.5 Austin, Texas

What channel do the Astros play on?

At YouTube.com/MLB

  • By searching “MLB” in the YouTube app on smartphones,tablets and smart TVs.
  • Through YouTube TV (subscription service).
  • Did the Astros win last night?

    The Astros lost for the fifth time in six games on a night they could have clinched their fourth AL West title in five seasons with a win. Tampa Bay improved to 98-60, outdoing the 2008 team for

    When do Astros play again?

    The team is set to play Games 1 and 2 at home Thursday and Friday, before flying out to Chicago for Game 3 of the best-of-five series against the AL Central champion White Sox on Sunday.

    What Houston radio station Astros on?

    The Houston Astros Radio Network is an American broadcast network of radio affiliates in operation since 1962 that broadcast coverage of the Houston Astros before, during, and after that team’s games. Radio content is broadcast in both the English and Spanish languages. It consists of 26 stations that span across three states with its English flagship station as KBME and its Spanish flagship station as K231CE, both in Houston. In addition to its affiliates, Houston Astros Radio Network content c