What size balls are on tongue rings?

What size balls are on tongue rings?

Technically, you can wear a straight barbell in any gauge in a tongue piercing, but 14g is the standard size for tongue rings. Although it isn’t recommended, some people prefer to wear slightly finer 16g straight barbells in their tongue piercings.

What size tongue bar do they pierce with in MM?

16 mm is nearly the perfect measure for everyone. It happens often, that the piercer sets in a longer tongue piercing just after you got shot a tongue piercing. Because the tongue swells after it is pierced, 16 mm are too short.

Can you get your tongue pierced with a clear ball?

Choose the ball for your jewelry wisely. Try to pick a clear plastic ball or a flesh-colored ball for the ends of your tongue piercing barbell. These will be less obvious than flashy metal or a colorful ball, so they are easier to hide.

When can you give oral after tongue piercing?

4-6 weeks
You’ll also have to be careful to prevent bacteria getting into the mouth which means no smoking, kissing, putting your hands in your mouth OR engaging in oral sex. You should avoid this for as long as possible, with many websites advising against oral sex for at least 4-6 weeks.

What is the purpose of a tongue ring?

Piercing the tongue has a long history in religious and performance practices. Mesoamericans such as the Aztecs practiced this as well as other perforations as a part of offerings to their deities. Asian Spirit Mediums of the Far East practiced tongue piercing as an offering and proof of trance state.

Can you get your tongue pierced with a vein in the middle?

Some people have a vein directly down the center of their tongue. Even so, you may be able to get a piercing if the piercer can put it at a slight slant or offset it so it doesn’t touch your artery. You may not be able to get venoms (a piercing on either side) if your veins are running down the sides of the tongue.

Can you kiss someone with a tongue piercing?

Wait for the piercing to heal before kissing. If you kiss someone with a fresh piercing, you are introducing foreign bacteria into their body that could result in an infection. Wait until the piercing heals before even considering it. Tongue piercings take 4 to 6 weeks to heal fully but vary from person to person.