What was an interurban station?

What was an interurban station?

The Interurban (or radial railway in Europe and Canada) is a type of electric railway, with streetcar-like electric self-propelled rail cars which run within and between cities or towns. The interurban provided reliable transportation, particularly in winter weather, between the town and countryside.

When did Interurbans decline?

The Great Depression affected both industries and antitrust legislation of the mid 1930s limited the overlap between electric utility companies and railroads. By the time the U.S. entered World War II, the last of Indiana’s interurbans was gone and the post-war years belonged to the automobile.

Are there trains in Indiana?

Existing passenger rail services and operations are controlled by Amtrak and the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NCTD/South Shore). Indiana also has several tourist trains that operate in the state. For more information about individual train schedules, please contact the operator directly.

What is the difference between intra urban and interurban?

As adjectives the difference between intraurban and interurban. is that intraurban is within an urban area while interurban is of, pertaining to, involving or joining two or more urban centres.

What is the interurban?

Definition of interurban : going between or connecting cities or towns an interurban road interurban commuters.

Who created the interurban?

Henry of Indiana, coined the word “interurban” to describe the two-mile electric line he opened in the spring of 1892 between Anderson and North Anderson, Indiana, but the fifteen-mile East Side Railway, which began operation between Portland and Oregon City, Oregon, in February of 1893, is usually regarded as the …

What does interurban road mean?

Interurban roads: Located outside built-up areas, drive in the right lane as a general rule. 3-lane two-way interurban road: Travel is in the right lane, to overtake and change directions to the left, the centre lane may be used.

What is the history of interurban transportation in Indiana?

Indianapolis was the center of the state’s sprawling interurban system, and between 1900 and 1903, eight companies had connected the surrounding countryside and towns with Indy.

What happened to the Indianapolis Traction Terminal?

The only known remnants of the Indianapolis Traction Terminal are the two stone eagles that once flanked the top of the train shed; they are now located on the steps of the former City Hall/former State Museum along Alabama Street. It is a sad ending to a beautiful building and magical means of transportation.

Where was the first Interurban Depot in Chicago?

Initially, the individual traction railroads maintained their own depots, but by 1903 they determined that a joint terminal serving all the interurban lines should be built. The block located to the northwest of Market and Illinois Streets was chosen as the site, with the depot occupying the entire southeast quarter of that block.

Who is investigating the Union Traction Company of Indiana?

Other investigations will be made by the Indiana Public Service Commission, the Interstate Commerce Commission and officials of the traction company. “John L. Hutchins, age about 30, a meter reader employed at the power plant of the Union Traction company, was on westbound interurban car in the wreck.