What words make the AR sound?

What words make the AR sound?

Ar Sound Words in English

Car Dark Barn
Mark Star Far
Arm Yard Park
Party Hard Farm
Start Spark Art

What ar sounds?

What words have the ‘ar’ sound?

  • far.
  • bar.
  • jar.
  • scar.
  • star.
  • hard.
  • party.
  • garden.

What word starts with ar?


  • arabicize.
  • arability.
  • arabinose.
  • arabizing.
  • arachnids.
  • arachnoid.
  • aragonite.
  • What is AR blend?

    What are “R” blends? “R blends” simply refer to blends that have an “r” after a consonant. There are 6 common ones: “cr”, “fr”, “br”, “gr”, “dr”, “pr.” You will find them as “clouds” on the printable sheets and on the recording sheet together with raindrop letters.

    What is AR controlled word?

    Controlled R words are exactly that, words that are controlled by the letter R. Controlled Ar words are words like: “Bar, Car, Far, Hard, Lard, Tar, and Star.” In these words the “Ar” produces the sound of the Letter Name “R.”

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    What is the rule for AR?

    Reading the Digraph “ar” When followed by the letter “r”, the letter “a” never represents the First Vowel Sound, or short sound. In one-syllable words, it almost always represents the Third Vowel Sound, that is the /o/ sound in want.

    What words end with AR?


  • agar.
  • ajar.
  • alar.
  • bear.
  • boar.
  • char.
  • czar.