When did Omega start using Co-Axial?

When did Omega start using Co-Axial?

Driving the revolution in mechanical watchmaking When Omega launched its Co-Axial calibre 2500 in 1999, the entire mechanical watch industry was put on notice. The Co-Axial Escapement in the calibre was the first practical new mechanical watch escapement to be launched in 250 years.

Are co-axial watches automatic?

It is important to note that the Omega De Ville Tresor Master Co-Axial is not an automatic watch. It uses the Omega caliber Master 8511 movement which not is self-winding but rather, it is a manual wind watch (also known as a hand-wound watch).

What watches use Co-Axial escapement?

Today, there are several different versions of the co-axial – one is the version used by Omega, the only company to successfully use a non-lever escapement on an industrial scale. The other is the version used by Roger Smith.

How does Omega Co-Axial work?

In essence, the Co-axial escapement gets rid of all movements that cause friction. Theoretically, this directly results in superior precision and longer intervals between servicing. The Omega Calibre 2500 was the first mechanical movement with the Co-axial escapement to be put to commercial production.

What is the best Omega movement?

Top 10 Omega Calibres: Innovation meets Beauty

  • Omega 2500 Co-Axial – First Omega Co-Axial Movement.
  • Omega 8500 Master-Co-Axial – The Industry’s High-Tech-Reference.
  • Omega 8400 Master-Co-Axial – The slimmed-down 8500.
  • Omega 8511 Master-Co-Axial – Perfect Unison of Modernity and Aesthetics.

How does the Omega Co-Axial movement work?

How does the Omega co-axial escapement work?

The OMEGA Co-Axial escapement’s clockwise impulse is given directly to the pallet on the balance roller by the teeth of the escapement wheel. As a result, the Co-Axial escapement benefits from greater mechanical efficiency which ensures more stable precision.

Is Omega co-axial?

Not resting on their laurels, Omega continues to push the functionality of their watches as far as possible. They’ve made ‘performance’ a strong part of their brand character, and a contemporary cornerstone of that effort has been “Co-Axial.”

What is Omega’s most important invention to date?

Let’s go into detail about what may be Omega’s most important invention to date. The Co-Axial escapement is a part of mechanical movements that Omega has developed, and started incorporating into more of its movements -simply because Omega has found it to have great traits that you want in a movement.

What is a co-axial movement?

It refers to a type of mechanical component used in more and more of Omega’s timepieces. The brand has attached the term to so much of their marketing communications that it is becoming synonymous with the name “Omega”. Omega launched the first Co-Axial mechanical movement in 1999.