When did the Instax Mini 25 come out?

When did the Instax Mini 25 come out?

June 2009
Fujifilm cameras

Model Release Lens
Instax Mini 25 June 2009 60 mm ƒ/12.7
Instax Mini 50S September 2010
Instax Mini 8 November 2012
Instax Mini 90 September 2013

What is the difference between the Instax Mini 7 and 8?

The Mini 7s, 8 and 9 all feature a brightness adjustment dial to change the exposure but their location differs. The 7s’ is found on the top part of the camera beside the film ejection slot, whereas on the 8 and 9, it is wrapped around the lens.

What is the best version of instax?

Instax Mini 11 – Best Overall The Instax Mini 11 offers good low-light exposure, a sleek design and easy-to-use controls – all for a reasonable price. The auto-exposure dial makes low light photography reasonably visible, and the design is slimmer and more refined than its predecessor overall.

What is the cost of Instax Mini 25?

Instax mini 25 is currently sold for 4,999 php (as of writing) while Instax mini 8 is sold for 3,699 nationwide. For more information, you can go to instax.ph . #teaminstaxph #instaxmemory

Should I buy the Instax 7s or not?

If you have a limited budget, Instax 7s is one of them. If you have more budget, why not go for the camera with more features? It will be the Instax 8 which is a upgraded version of 7s. All Instax cameras can only take these two types of picture. Just like any other digital camera, or your phone, you can simply rotate the camera.

Which Instax film should I Choose?

If you decided to choose Wide films, then your choice is obviously Instax 210! BUT, if you decided to go with Mini films, you need to make a choice out of four available options which are Instax 7s, 8, 25 or 50s. Aside from the difference in wide/mini film, the quality for all cameras are similar, no noticeable difference at all.

What are the additional features of the Instax 50s?

Additional features on Instax 50s include: Click here for more details. The lighten/darken feature is available on INSTAX 25, Instax 50s and Instax 210 only. It has three exposure control (light setting): L light, N neutral, and D dark.