When did the TU 144 stop flying?

When did the TU 144 stop flying?

June 1, 1978Tupolev Tu-144 / Last flight

Why was the Concorde retired?

The Concorde became a symbol of speed and luxury, although it was not without its problems. All Concorde flights were grounded for over a year after the incident. Citing rising operating costs and reduced ticket sales, British Airways retired its Concorde fleet in October 2003.

How many Concorde planes were made?

Twenty aircraft were built, including six prototypes and development aircraft. Air France and British Airways were the only airlines to purchase and fly Concorde….

Primary users British Airways Air France See Operators below for others
Produced 1965–1979
Number built 20 (including 6 non-commercial aircraft)

What is the longest range of a Tupolev Tu 114?

The Tupolev Tu-114 Rossiya (Russian: Tyполев Тy-114 Poccия; NATO reporting name Cleat) was a turboprop -powered long-range airliner designed by the Tupolev design bureau and built in the Soviet Union from May 1955. The aircraft was the largest and fastest passenger plane at that time and also had the longest range, at 10,900 km (6,800 mi).

When was the Tupolev Tu-114 made?

The Tupolev Tu-114 was designed by Tupolev as a turboprop powered long range airliner built beginning May 1955 in the Soviet Union. Introduced in April 1961, it was the biggest and the fastest passenger aircraft during the time which also featured the longest range of almost 6,000 nautical miles.

What happened to the Soviet Tu-114?

The Tupolev Tu-114 ceased regular service in 1976, replaced by more capable jet aircraft. Just 32 were built and there was only one accident, making it one of the safest Soviet airliners ever produced. Due to its contra-rotating propellers, it was a very noisy aircraft both inside and out.

What is a Tu-116 bomber?

The Tu-116 was a Tupolev Tu-95 bomber fitted with pressurized passenger cabins built to serve as the official government transport. The two passenger cabins were fitted into the space of bomb bays and were not connected to each other or the flight deck.