Where are my Nextdoor messages?

Where are my Nextdoor messages?

To view and reply to private messages in your Inbox: Click in the top left of your Nextdoor newsfeed. You will see all of the private message threads you have exchanged with neighbors. When a neighbor sends you a private message, it will automatically appear in your Inbox.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Nextdoor?

How do I know who I have blocked? Once blocked, the neighbor who set the block will see a note at the bottom of any threads that include the blocked neighbor. The note with a prompt “You have blocked , unblock to send and receive messages again.”

What does it mean to mute someone on Nextdoor?

When you mute a discussion or post, the entire conversation is removed for you, and you won’t get any more updates. If you are online: • Click on the arrow next to Reply. • Click Mute Discussion. On i-Phone or Android: • Tap anywhere on the post.

Does someone know if you report them on Nextdoor?

For privacy reasons, we will not tell you the name of the member who reported your content. Lead(s) and community reviewers may review your reported content to determine whether it violates the Guidelines and vote to remove it from Nextdoor.

Why did my post disappear on Nextdoor?

How are comments removed by community review? All neighbors on Nextdoor can report content they believe violates the Community Guidelines. In addition, reported content may be reviewed by Nextdoor staff and removed if it violates the Community Guidelines.

Can you delete messages on Nextdoor?

Scroll down to ‘ Activity’ and tap the post or reply you’d like to delete. Tap to the right of your name on the post or reply. Select Delete Post or Delete reply.

Can you get kicked off Nextdoor?

Nextdoor may disable accounts if they are found to be in violation of our Community Guidelines or Member Agreement. Some behaviors that may result in your account being disabled include: Unsolicited business promotion.

How do I get unblocked from Nextdoor?

  1. Navigate to www.nextdoor.com/reactivate.
  2. Enter the same email address you previously used to access Nextdoor.
  3. Enter the same password you previously used to access Nextdoor.
  4. Click SIGN IN.
  5. Click REACTIVATE ACCOUNT on the welcome back screen.

How do you unhide someone on Nextdoor?

Click below the neighbor’s name on their profile. Select Unmute.

What happens when you report someone on Nextdoor?

What to expect after reporting a member: Reports will be evaluated and resolved by Nextdoor. If we need further information to resolve a report, the Nextdoor Support team will follow up with you. Your name will not be disclosed to the reported member.

WHO removes posts from Nextdoor?

When neighbors report posts or comments as violating the Community Guidelines, Leads and community reviewers can vote to remove the content from Nextdoor.

Why can’t I see my post on Nextdoor?

Neighbors must have their account verified in order to post, comment, react, join or create groups in their neighborhood. If you are not verified, you will only be able to view content posted to Anyone in your neighborhood.

What is a text door neighbor?

A text door neighbor is a person with the same phone number as another person except the last digit is one above or below. It is a variation of “next door neighbor” where one of the neighbors texts hello to another neighbor.

Why did my next door neighbor Sue the guy across from him?

When I was a kid, my next door neighbor sued the guy across from him because his tree got tall enough that it blocked the sun for an additional 15 minutes each morning from when he had purchased the house 20 years prior. He was about 80 years old and his argument was that in another 20 years it will likely be 30 minutes.

What is Nextdoor and how does it work?

Nextdoor is a great place to buy and sell items to your neighbors. Read on to learn how to sell, discount, edit, or renew your Nextdoor Finds listings on Nextdoor.

What did my mom say to her neighbor to build a fence?

The neighbor came to talk to my mom and asked when the new fence will be built. My mom replied, “If you want a fence, build it yourself!” A couple of weeks later, my mom had a nice new fence, courtesy of her annoying neighbor. A little petty, perhaps, but hilarious nonetheless. We lived in a neighborhood of townhouses.