Where are Porlex coffee grinders made?

Where are Porlex coffee grinders made?

Not only are Porlex Grinders designed in Japan, they are also made entirely in Japan in the Porlex factory in Kagoshima to exacting standards. This is the only way to ensure the highest quality.

How do you adjust a Porlex grinder?

Note: Grinding adjustment for Coarse or Fine must be done by turning the Adjusting Wheel clockwise for a Fine grade and counterclockwise for a Coarse grade. Note: If the Adjusting Wheel is tightened too much, the Ceramic blades will get stuck and the Handle will not turn.

Can the Porlex mini fit in an Aeropress?

Yes. Both the tall and mini Porlex grinders fit inside the Aeropress.

Can you wash ceramic burrs with water?

These parts just need a basic cleaning. For cleaning manual coffee grinder burrs and other small parts, get a bowl of soapy water and dip a Q Tip in it. You can then use the Q Tip to lightly scrub the micro-grounds and oils off the smaller parts.

How do you clean ceramic burrs?

Remove hopper and chamber weekly and wash with soap and warm water, and give the burrs a little scrubbing with a toothbrush and paper towel. Presto!

How good is the porlex?

On the Porlex the bottom shifts ever so slightly while you grasp it to grind which is just slightly annoying but that’s about it. Overall it is excellent. I finally broke down and purchased a newly designed version and it has been perfection for over a year now. The top nut problem is completely solved with the new design.

Why choose porlex grinders?

Whether you want the perfect coffee grinder for travel, or a great quality burr grinder without the price tag of an electric machine, Porlex grinders are what you’re looking for.

Is this porlex jp-30 made in Japan?

I was sent an inauthentic Porlex JP-30, clearly labeled, “Made in China”–not Osaka, Japan. The grinder I was actually sent can be seen here: Nicecho Portable Manual Coffee Grinder for Office, Home, Travel | Conical Burr Mill for Precision Brewing | Stainless Steel

How can I tell the difference between porlex and hex style?

In the second photo (my own) the Porlex is on the right-hand side, and two different knock-off versions are in the middle and on the left. You can see the thicker material in the handle of the Porlex, but the hex style top is identical.