Where is the Lebara voucher PIN?

Where is the Lebara voucher PIN?

If you have forgotten your MyLebara PIN you can retrieve this from the MyLebara login page. Simply enter your Lebara Mobile number, then select the link to have your PIN sent to your registered email address.

How can I use Lebara promo code?

Click on the code to reveal it, then copy it to your clipboard; Enter Lebara website and choose between a SIM-only or a pay-as-you-go plan; Sign up or create a new account; Apply the code at the checkout and enjoy your savings.

How can I get free credit on Lebara?

Insert your SIM card in your phone and dial 1244 to activate it. You’ll immediately receive €5 of free extra credit. If you top up 30 days after activating your SIM card, you’ll get another €5 of free credit. You can repeat this once every 30 days, for a maximum of 5 times.

What is my Lebara number?

Dial *#100# and press the call button to see your number onscreen. If you still have your SIM card packaging, you’ll find your number on the back.

How do I activate my Lebara SIM UK?

How to activate my Lebara SIM?

  1. Pop the SIM in an unlocked handset.
  2. Your SIM is now active. If you purchased a SIM only plan or top up with your SIM, just make a call, send a text or use data.
  3. All done!

How do I find out my Lebara number?

Can I get free SIM?

Visit the free SIM delivery page and select a prepaid or postpaid plan. Enter your contact details and address to get your new SIM delivery at home free of cost.

Is calling Lebara free?

How do you get FREE calls and SMS? Call or SMS anyone else on Lebara in the UK for free!

How do I reactivate my Lebara SIM card?

After 84 days with no usage or top-up, you’ll need to get in touch with our customer services team to reactivate the SIM card. After 114 days with no usage or top-up, your SIM card will expire. It won’t be possible to re-activate the old number – but you can order a new, free SIM card here.

How do I activate my Lebara SIM card online?

Go to lebara.com.au/activate and enter your Lebara number and last 4 digits of the ICCID number printed on your SIM Pack. Remember to tick ‘PORT IN’ if you would like to port your number. Follow the steps required and your SIM should be active. If you require any assistance, feel free to call us at 1300 126 122.

How to top up Lebara with a voucher?

How to top up Lebara with a voucher? To redeem the voucher code which you received by email, dial * #1345 *followed by the code which you received from us by email, followed by # and then press the call button. To check your remaining balance you can download the Lebara app from the app store to track your usage and view your remaining balance.

How do I top-up my Lebara mobile phone?

Dial *#1345* and enter the 12- or 14-digit voucher number, followed by # then press the call button. You can also top-up via the MyLebara app. Or, you can buy a top-up voucher or scratch card from your local shop. Just so you know, entering the wrong voucher or scratch card number could block your top-up service.

How do I Manage my Lebara account?

Managing your Lebara account is straightforward and fuss-free, just log in, check your balance and top up if necessary. Look out for a Lebara voucher here a vouchercloud to get more texts, calls and data for your money.

How much does it cost to call Lebara?

Lebara to Lebara calls and text messages are available at no cost to you, making Lebara the perfect choice for you and your family. The National plans are perfect for those who make most of their calls to the UK, with a few occasionally overseas. If this sounds like you, grab a Lebara promo code to save on your choice of UK plan today.