Which is the easiest exam in India?

Which is the easiest exam in India?

The list of Top 10 easiest exams in India or Easy govt exams to crack are given below:

  • #1 RRB Group D.
  • #2 RRB NTPC.
  • #3 SSC Multi-tasking Staff (SSC MTS)
  • #4 SSC CHSL.
  • #5 SSC Stenographer.
  • #6 IBPS clerk exams.
  • #7 IBPS Specialist Officer Exams.
  • #8 Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET)

Which govt job is best in India?

Top Government Jobs in India

  • State Public Service Commission.
  • Defence services – Army, Navy, Coast guard.
  • Government Lecturer or University Professors.
  • Railway engineers.
  • Bank Jobs.
  • Government Doctors.
  • Scientists.
  • Insurance Sector Jobs.

What do you hope to do after you have completed your degree?

Here are some potential ways to start the next chapter of your life.

  • Take a break and go traveling. After working so hard during your degree, you definitely deserve a break.
  • Continue your studies.
  • Find a graduate job.
  • Become an entrepreneur.
  • Get yourself an internship.

Which is the happiest job in India?

People in Events and Hospitality were the happiest with a score of 6.4 on The Happiness Test. People in Travel and Tourism came next with 5.6. Industry and Manufacturing was not far behind with a score of 5.3. The unhappiest profession was Banking and Finance, with a score of 4.8.

Which is highest post in India?

Director General of Police

What are your plans after high school graduation?

Life After High School: Top 10 Alternatives to College

  • Get a Job. The responsibility of holding down a full-time job is a good way for your high school grad to transition into adulthood, not to mention it’s a financial necessity.
  • Start a Business.
  • Travel Abroad.
  • Serve in the Military.
  • Learn a Trade.
  • Be an Intern or Apprentice.
  • Volunteer.
  • Take Adult Education Classes.

How can I earn money after graduation?

15 Great Ideas For “How To Earn Money After Graduation”

  1. 💡 1. Find Small Jobs Online. Rake in a few extra dollars by doing simple tasks!
  2. 💡 2. Sell Your Old Stuff.
  3. 💡 4. Become a Freelance Writer.
  4. 💡 5. Start Tutoring.
  5. 💡 6. Intern Remotely.
  6. 💡 7. Start A Company.
  7. 💡 8. Build Websites.
  8. 💡 9. Online Earn Money After 10+2.

How can I get a job immediately after graduation?

Steps to Follow to Secure a Job after Graduation

  1. 1) Check with Your College Career Center.
  2. 2) Start Networking.
  3. 3) Make a Complete LinkedIn Profile.
  4. 4) Creating a Personal Website.
  5. 5) Join a Professional Group.
  6. 6) Target Your Resume and Cover Letter.
  7. 7) Do an Internship.
  8. 8) Find Companies You Would Like to Work For.

Which is best RBI or SBI?

Compared to SBI/IBPS POs, RBI Grade B Officers are way ahead. They get more salary, more perks, and allowances. In-Hand Salary (Approx.) The career growth opportunities or the chances to get the promotion to the next level are almost similar in both these profiles.

What is the salary in RBI?

RBI Grade B Salary
RBI Grade B Officer Salary (Basic Pay) Rs. 35,150
Pay Scale (9)-50900-EB-1750 (2)-(4)-62400
Initial Monthly Gross Emoluments Rs. 77,208 (approx)

Is RBI exam tough?

It is common knowledge that the RBI Grade B examination is one of the toughest examinations to crack in India. However, the good news is that is it is not impossible. With the right competitive exam preparation, you can pass this exam successfully despite the immense competition.

Which is the highest post in RBI?

The highest position an RBI Grade B officer can rise to is Deputy Governor. With the right career path, the government can appoint Deputy Governors as the Governor of RBI!

What is the salary of RBI manager?

Reserve Bank of India Salaries

Job Title Salary
Research salaries – 6 salaries reported ₹ 39,795/mo
Summer salaries – 5 salaries reported ₹ 18,054/mo
General Manager salaries – 5 salaries reported ₹ 1,41,600/mo
RBI salaries – 2 salaries reported ₹ 24,108/mo

Is govt job better or private job?

Salary. Government sector may provide less salary compared to the private sector, but they have better benefits. Increments for government jobs are standardized, whereas the private sector jobs are pretty much annual or in some companies half-yearly too.

What is the salary of RBI Governor?

Rs 2.50 lakh per month

Do RBI officers get car?

70000/- annually. The Officers also receive a Conveyance allowance of 150 liters petrol or Rs. 16504/- per month which is for their spouse and other two dependents. The conveyance allowance is 50 liters more in metro cities.

Are RBI Officers rich?

The basic salary of RBI Grade B Officer is Rs….RBI Grade B Increments (Rs. 1 lakh in 10-15 years)

RBI Grade B Salary (As per RBI Grade B 2020-21 Latest Notification)
Pay Scale 9)-50900-EB-1750(2)-4)-years)
Initial Monthly Gross Emoluments Rs. 83,254 (approx.)

Which is the hardest exam in India?


Which exam is for RBI?

RBI Grade B exam

How can I join RBI?

RBI Exam 2020 Eligibility

  1. A First Class Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 60% marks or an equivalent grade OR.
  2. A Second Class Master’s Degree with a minimum of 55% marks or an equivalent grade OR.
  3. A Doctorate Degree with 50% marks in Master’s Degree or equivalent grade OR.