Who did Aberdeen rebrand?

Who did Aberdeen rebrand?

Standard Life Aberdeen completes rebrand as abrdn

  • UK asset manager Standard Life Aberdeen has officially changed its name to abrdn as part of an ongoing companywide rebrand.
  • The new name took effect at 8.00am on 5 July with its ticker also changing from SLA to ABDN after the company delivered its new strategy.

Which company became abrdn plc?

abrdn plc (pronounced “Aberdeen”), formerly Standard Life Aberdeen plc, is a United Kingdom-based global investment company headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland….abrdn.

Offices in St Andrew Square in Edinburgh
Headquarters Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Key people Sir Douglas Flint (Chairman) Stephen Bird (Chief Executive)

Is Standard Life changing its name?

Standard Life Aberdeen has completed the change of its company name to Abrdn. Alongside the name change, Abrdn has announced a new charity partnership with Hello World, a digital education charity that aims to offer a practical, affordable and scalable solution to the global education deficit.

Why did Aberdeen change their name?

The company said the official name change marked a key milestone in the process of delivering on its strategy, noting that the new brand symbolises the transition to bring a clarity of focus. It comes after the company was ridiculed for the rebrand when it was first announced in April of this year.

What is the new name for Standard Life?

Standard Life Aberdeen (ABDN) Name Change to abrdn (SLA) – Bloomberg.

Who founded Aberdeen Asset Management?

Martin James Gilbert
Aberdeen Asset Management was founded by Martin James Gilbert on March 2, 1983 and is headquartered in Aberdeen, the United Kingdom.

Why did Abrdn change his name?

The company’s ticker will also change to ABDN from SLA. The new name symbolizes “clarity of focus, renewed sense of purpose and drive for sustainable growth,” the company said in a statement on Monday. The asset manager will rebrand its various units under the new name in the coming months.

What is the new name for Standard Life Aberdeen?

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